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Mother's Day; Celebrating the lockdown mums

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Mother’s Day is the day we all get to celebrate those amazing people called Mums. Mums-to-be, Mum, Grandparents, carers, mum figures, step-mums, today is all about you! To say thank you for all your hard work, recognize everything you do and to share the love that you deserve.

Mother’s Day this year is landing on Sunday 14th March. Meaning it’s the second Mother’s Day with restrictions in place due to the pandemic. Last year, Mother’s Day landed the day before the first UK lockdown officially started however there were still some restrictions already in place. This year, we find ourselves celebrating in lockdown 3.

Mother's Day; Being a Mum during the pandemic

But, we believe you can still make it a Mother’s Day to remember and create special memories, even in lockdown. Whether it’s your first Mother’s Day with your new little arrival, perhaps you’re a mum-to-be and still growing your precious little one, or it could be your 10th Mother’s Day, there is always so much reason to celebrate the amazing people we get to call Mum.

“Over the past year, you have had to become your little one’s entertainer, teacher, play time pal, worry warrior, party planner, sport coach and so much more, all whilst still being their rock and doing all those other mum duties.”

Being a mum, step-mum or mother figure is one of the most challenging, but rewarding and special roles anyone can become. However, over the past year, being a mum has meant so much more than usual. We have all had to adapt to the extraordinary situation of the pandemic and seen our role as parents change, it has never been more challenging.

Over the past year, you have had to become your little one’s entertainer, teacher, play time pal, worry warrior, party planner, sport coach and so much more, all whilst still being their rock and doing all those other mum duties. It’s been tough! Raising little ones in a pandemic has not been easy, but every mum out there should be proud, you’ve been doing an amazing job.

So, we think this Mother’s Day, it’s time to relax, take the pressure off and just enjoy some time with your little ones and let them spoil you, because you totally deserve it! 

Our very own NBS mums

Here are some of our NBS mums, who have all raised their little ones during the pandemic, celebrating with their little ones this Mother’s Day and sharing what being a mum means to them. 

“My little one is a superhero in the disguise of a terrible toddler! He fills every day with love and laughter. I am forever thankful I get to be his Mama!” – Lauren, Sales Manager.

Mothers Day 2021

“Being a mum is loving a tiny human with every bone in your body. Being their mother, their friend, their cheerleader. Providing for them and watching them grow and change everyday - bursting with pride.” – Josie, Marketing Manager.

Mothers Day 2021

"Being a mama teaches and shows you new things everyday, its an endless love like no other" - Lauren, Store Advisor

Mother's Day 2021 

"Being a mum is a journey; full of highs and lows, hopes and fears, fun and tears... but above all, endless love. Motherhood is the best gift in the world!" - Vics, NBS Founder

Mothers Day

"Being a mum is just the greatest gift in the world. To love and to be loved so unconditionally by that little person makes your heart feel like it could burst every single day. It truly is magical." - Melissa, Customer Services

Mother's Day

Supporting other mums

This Mother’s Day we have teamed up with PANDAs charity to support their missions of to make sure no parent, family or carer feels alone. They offer hope, empathy and support for every parent or network affected by perinatal mental illness.

PANDAs is a charity with a purpose: 

“To be the UK’s most recognised and trusted support service for families and their networks who may be suffering with perinatal mental illness, including prenatal (antenatal) and postnatal depression.”

PANDAs has a team of trained and dedicated volunteers who operate a free helpline to provide support and advice with empathy, along with a number of support groups via email & social platforms.

So, for Mother’s Day this year, we are supporting their mission and sharing their message by donating to their special cause.

We have created a video with the help from some of our amazing NBS mums and social community to celebrate the highs and lows of family life over the past year throughout the pandemic. We understand it has been a difficult time for many, that’s why we are supporting PANDAS - a charity that supports women’s mental wellbeing throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.

We want to spread the love this Mother's Day! So we are asking you to share, like and tag a Mum who deserve a little love and recognition for all their hard work. If we can spread the love far and wide by reaching 1,000 comments on our instagram post before midnight on Sunday, we pledge to donate £500 to PANDAS, to support those who need our help now more than ever.

Mother’s Day inspiration

Are you a little stuck on how to still make it a special day in lockdown and need some inspiration?

We have pulled together some of our favourite Mother’s Day activities to help celebrate this special day. We know times are a little tough at the moment, but now more than ever we think it is important to share the love and make memories as a family where possible and what better reason than Mother’s Day!

Or have some family crafty fun and create homemade Mother’s Day cards. We have designed a cute template to get your little one’s started. Get your little one to get creative and design their very own Mother’s day card to gift to those special grandparents who we all miss cuddling, or those hard working mums. 

Mothers Day; Celebrating the lockdown mum’s 

Whatever your plans are, however you are going to spend it, we hope this Mother’s Day you are surrounded by lots of love and hugs. It’s been a tough year, but you’ve done an amazing job and today is all about celebrating you, so make the most of it!