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MORI - Natural, Ethical, Beautiful

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We are excited to introduce you to another wonderful brand that is certain to become a firm favourite: MORI. The London-based company, named after the Japanese word 'mori', which means ‘forest’ and is an ode to their love of nature’s purity, was started by two uncles. When looking for products for their nieces and nephews, they realised that newborns tended to spend a lot of time in baby essentials and they really wanted to give their new family members something they would truly appreciate and need.

MORI baby

Moreover, they were surprised at the number of brands using synthetic fabrics and mass-producing badly made products. So, they set about to change things, resulting in a brand that uses organic cotton and bamboo for most its items. From sleepsuits to yoga pants to fitted sheets, MORI’s range of baby essentials are just that: essential.

Here, we’re going to delve into the world of MORI and the gorgeous products now available at Natural Baby Shower.


What makes MORI?

All MORI items are allergy friendly, soft against the skin and made from either organic cotton, bamboo or both! This dedication to natural ingredients means parents can choose anything from the brand, safe in the knowledge that their baby is surrounded by a material that isn’t covered in harmful chemicals.


MORI - Natural, Ethical, Beautiful


“Our values reflect our love for the planet, and the drive to protect the next generation,” MORI states. This love for nature is echoed not only in their ethos and ingredients, but also within their product design and style.


MORI - Natural, Ethical, Beautiful

Inspired by the simple tranquility of both Japanese and Scandinavian styles, MORI uses neutral colour palettes and uncomplicated design concepts so that parents can worry less about choosing the best style and more about choosing the most comfortable items for baby. That’s not to say that the calming shades of grey, white, powder blue, and blush pink aren’t stylish. In fact, the pastel theme is timeless and classic.


Our MORI collection

MORI’s collection of essential items allows baby to be surrounded by comfort all day and night. From daytime clothing, to bathtime towels, to comfy sleepwear – MORI’s allergy-friendly and organic materials are used throughout, giving baby the comfort they need as they grow. 


MORI - Natural, Ethical, Beautiful

View the whole collection here >> 

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