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Meet the brands behind the Natural Baby Show

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Welcome to the Natural Baby Show, where this weekend is all about saving, supporting, and learning from the experts behind our beloved brands!

We've teamed up with Ergobaby, Fraupow, and ergoPouch to bring you the very best advice on a range of topics, and right from the source.

Plus, catch insightful clips of the show live from our Bagshot store, showcasing an exciting array of products and exclusive offers available this weekend!

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Before you join us this weekend, let's delve into the incredible stories behind our partnered brands. This way, you'll know who and what to lookout for over on our Instagram and YouTube. And hey, keep an eye on our events page for some mind-blowing offers! We've listed a few below, so you don't miss out on anything. Get ready to shop till you drop!


Your Guide to Safe Swaddling with ErgoPouch



ergoPouch, a leading and award-winning brand based in Australia, was established in 2009 by Alina Sack, a sleep-deprived mama looking for a solution. Alina's mission to provide a better night's sleep for her family led her to create the very first ergoPouch sleeping bag for her son, who had sleep challenges. This innovative sleeping bag allowed him to move freely without getting tangled and kept him snug, ensuring peaceful sleep throughout the night.

Today, ergoPouch products are sold in over 40 countries worldwide. We specialise in natural fibre, premium sleepwear and sleep solutions for babies and children that are TOG-rated for warmth. Their range, designed for newborns to 6-year-olds, takes the guesswork out of dressing your little one for sleep, regardless of the temperature.

At ergoPouch, they prioritise organic, sustainable, and ethical production. All our sleepwear is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo, ensuring safety and comfort.

Watch here

Join ergoPouch Brand Rep over on YouTube, Nicola here to talk you through Your Guide to Safe Swaddling.


Finding Your Perfect Baby Carrier with Ergobaby

Ergobaby carrier offers

Created in 2002, Ergobaby is one of those amazing brands with a captivating origin story. It all started with one mother's desire to enhance her newborn experience. Karin Frost wasn't satisfied with the available baby carrying options and wanted her son to be close to her at all times. That's when she embarked on a journey to create an ergonomic, comfortable, and stylish babywearing solution.

This led to the birth of the soft structured carrier (SSC) design, which has since gained recognition and numerous awards for its style, design, and hip-healthiness. The Ergobaby team is dedicated to highlighting the incredible benefits of babywearing, whether it's for everyday activities around the house or remaining active as a new parent. They strive to provide parents with the means to keep their little ones close and strengthen the physical bond between parents and baby.

Watch here

Head over to our YouTube to join Nicola from Ergobaby as she takes us through a step-by-step fitting that will make your babywearing journey a breeze...


Portable Pumping with Fraupow

Fraupow wearable breast pump

Fraupow was established by Sunita, a mother who recognised the challenges that can accompany breastfeeding. She understood that having emotional and physical support, as well as reliable equipment, can significantly enhance a mama's efforts to provide milk to her baby.

Amidst the pandemic in 2020, Sunita, with her toddler on her lap and cross-legged on her bed (as her husband had claimed the home office), created Fraupow. She firmly believed that amidst the collective stress we were all enduring, pumping should be the last thing on a mother's mind.  Fraupow is designed to be an everyday pump that caters to the needs of everyone. While many hands-free breast pumps on the market are costly, Sunita thought, "That's insane!" and worked towards offering a comfortable and affordable option for everyone.

Watch here

From how to latch to improving milk supply, watch now on YouTube Fraupow founder Sunita as she takes you through everything you need to know about pumping on the go!

Our Best Natural Baby Show offers

Natural baby shower discounts

Now that you're familiar with the brands we've partnered with for the Natural Baby Show, let's dive into the exciting offers available this weekend. We've curated a list of the best discounts for you below...

    ... And much more!

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