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Maxi-Cosi MOA 8-in-1 Highchair Review

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Maxi-Cosi have been one of the biggest market-leader in the industry, producing a collection of car seats, pushchairs, and travel systems that are designed with style and safety in mind.  Their mission is to provide high quality, stylish baby and parenting products that suit any modern family.

The Maxi-Cosi MOA 8-in-1 Highchair symbolises all the Maxi-Cosi is known for. As an ideal mealtime accessory for growing babies, this super stylish, multi-use chair transforms from a highchair to a low stool, booster seat, toddler stool, and even into a handy desk with a seat.  It's the perfect place for your little one to eat, discover, and grow.

The MOA's unique and innovative modularity makes it straightforward to install and adapt as your child gets older, and its contemporary design means it looks sleek no matter what configuration it's in.

Discover more on what our team of parent testers had to say about the super versatile highchair...

Parent tester - Cat Krasniqi 

I was gifted this highchair to test and review and I wasn’t disappointed. The highchair arrived packaged in a small box and I wondered how it all fit! Once’s opened, I realised how great this would be for storage if needed as it packs away small.  

Maxi-Cosi MOA highchair review

I really wanted a highchair that I could strap to a dining chair and even take to friends if needed as well as use in the traditional form. All I can say is this  highchair is perfect for that. 

It’s a lovely colour and the plastic tray cover is probably one of my favourite parts! It’s thin but strong and can be easily removed to clean, instead of having to pull the whole tray off and cram in the sink. That being said, the main tray is easily taken on and off too. Also, the legs can be removed easily to become a short-legged chair or to attach to a chair. 

Maxi-Cosi MOA highchair review

It’s a perfect height for our dining table so we can always eat together too and tuck him under.  The seat has also no hiding places for food to get stuck which was my other bugbear with our last highchair. There are also rubber feet on the bottom, so I don’t find my son pushing off the table during dinner anymore. 

Maxi-Cosi MOA highchair review
Maxi-Cosi MOA highchair review

Another pro is that it adapts with age too and then turns in to a table and chair which will be useful in time. l would recommend this highchair for its adaptivity, price and the fact it feels robust.

Parent tester - Charlie Bowman 

The Maxi-Cosi MOA 8-in-1 Highchair is the ideal mealtime accessory for growing babies. I love that the option of seating is plenty. I'm able to detach the seat and strap directly to the dining chair, such a sleek design with the handy straps tucked away at the back but very sturdy and safe. 

I was able to use this chair with my 4yr old and my 1yr old and even my sister's 2yr old, it's so versatile with different ages. A lovely big tray to ease the spillage of food and the amount of mess to be made (you know they will make) … it’s just a brilliant chair all in all. 

It’s so easy to assemble with just a few clicks here, adjustable height and there to transform and allow the chair to grow through the child's childhood of discovery. The design is made with the child’s comfort in mind and stylish too. It’s easy to keep clean and sanitised which is especially important lately.

There is such practically with the design, I'm thrilled to use this for all my creative breakfast, lunch, and dinners. The highchair absolutely deserves a 5-star rating. I'd highly recommend this 8-in-1 highchair to all mums and dads! 

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