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Maxi-Cosi Connected Home Bundle review

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Maxi-Cosi Connected Home provides a suite of smart sensory nursery products that work together with an easy-to-use app.

Comfort, convenience and peace of mind come hand in hand when you connect up this baby monitor, soothing light, under crib light and breathe humidifier to watch over your little one during the night. 

So we sent Maxi'-Cosi's Connected Home bundle into the nurseries of real parents across the UK to see how they got in with these gorgeous home devices...

Maxi-Cosi connected home

Parent tester - Claudia


We used the humidifier for 2 weeks in our bedroom with our 2 month old. It’s quiet, some great features including child lock, light, temperature, timer which can be fully controlled via the easy to use app. Setting up the app is simple and completed within minutes of downloading and pairing the device.

It’s very appealing to the eye and suits a more modern room however I found the lead to be a bit too short so would need to be placed by a plug socket or an extension lead would need to be used. It is on the bulky side I found it hard to place without it sticking out. But that’s because of the volume of water it holds which is beneficial as lasts at least 24 hours.

humidifier review

I will continue to use this with my newborn as he does have respiratory problems and I found it really helped him whilst sleeping! It also has an option to add some essential oils to but we opted to not yet use this in the bedroom due to our newborn being too young, however we might test this out when we transfer him into his cot. We did test this first before placing into the bedroom and found it to be better than the diffuser we currently have!

Glow Crib Light

We used the glow crib light in our bedroom where our little one still sleeps next to us. The Motion detection allowed us to check on our little one without waking, with the endless colours of lights and brightness settings, we were able to find the perfect one for the room. The features of timer was a great help as we didn't need to manually turn off or keep the light on all night.

The lead length was perfect! We used this on our next to me crib so wasn’t attached but will use this in our nursery in the future. It’s crazy to think there’s not something so simple already on the market. 

glow crib light


The monitor can be mounted on the wall however we weren’t able to do this so placed it on a shelf. The camera quality is great, even with the night vision it’s the best I’ve seen by far and has numerous functions in which you control via the simple easy to use app.

You can move the camera left, right up and only slightly down. The down should be improved then you’re able to place the monitor in better positions. I couldn’t figure out how to zoom at first in the app there was no button however realised after accidentally clicking on the screen you use two fingers to zoom in and out.

My only thing I would say could improve this handy little device is, although it plays sounds, it doesn't play white noise. I think this would be great for any newborn and should definitely be part of the song choice over the nursery rhymes.


I also think that as a sleek monitor, it is ideal for some although it's small battery size means it needs to be charged frequently and if using a mobile phone, it needs to be unlocked to view.  

Overall, I think you need a little more to work out things like how the motion/temperature detector works. It’s within the settings which maybe would be more beneficial to be on the main screen display so can be used more and rather than a notification the actual sound to be the alert. I also found there to be a slight delay in motion & sound, which wasn’t too much of an issue as I only noticed this when I was setting it up!

Parent tester - Francesca

Firstly, I want to say - what a great bundle of nursery accessories! Modern, natural and stylish which fits well in little Chester's room.

I struggled a little with connecting the monitor at first but with a few trouble shooting questions I easily got it set up and working. I love that I can connect it to my phone so I don’t have another monitor to carry around the house with me and can quickly check him any time.


The humidifier is stylish and quiet with the control panel on the front but best of all I can control it through my phone. I can check the temperature and humidity of the room and turn it on and off it as well as other features.

My favourite of the bundle has got to be the soothing light and sound! It has lots of different lullabies and noise sounds as well as light settings, colours and natural or warm lights.There’s a timer, brightness and sound settings or have the light completely off which my little one likes total darkness but we have the white noise on but when I was feeding in the night the light was perfect.


The under crib light we haven't used as much but comes in handy when I’m looking for dummies that have fallen out of the cot in the middle of the night or I can imagine if you're feeding - it’s a really nice addition to the bundle!

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