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Learn More About the Famous Salt-Water Sandals

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They are the sell-out sandals that parents and children alike can’t seem to get enough of. Every year they fly off the shelves and have a whole legion of fans, including all of us at Natural Baby Shower. Their humble but traditional styles are thoughtfully made with clever and useful features to make them last years. But what exactly makes our favourite Salt-Water sandals so special, and where did it all begin for this popular brand?

Learn More About the Famous Salt-Water Sandals

Let’s go back to the beginning

Behind the world-famous brand Salt-Water is a small family run company who hand makes every single one of the hundreds of thousands of the pairs they sell each year. But it is a brand with a story and a long history, one that they are proud of and honour to this very day.

It all started in World War 2 in St Louis, Missori USA when Walter Hoy used leather scraps left over from cutting military boots to create the very first pair of sandals for his daughter Marjorie. Word soon spread and before long families all over St Louis were putting in their requests for Walter to make sandals for their children too. Now over 75 years on, and the shoes are a cult design loved all around the world. Still to this day decedents of Walter Hoy still run and manage the Salt-Water business, with family members involved in every area of the business, making sure they stay true to their heritage and high standards.

Learn More About the Famous Salt-Water Sandals

What makes them so special?

Salt-Water sandals are designed with fashion, comfort and durability in mind, making them a winning sandal in our books! The classic designs of Salt-Water sandals all have rust-proof metal buckles made for splashing in the ocean or puddles, in a whole range of soft and durable leather for enduring quality. Plus, the leather is coated with a water-resistant sealant and they mould to the user’s feet with repeated wear. That’s not all, they can also be washed in the washing machine on a cool wash if they get a little grubby after all those adventures, and that gets major mum points from us! They really are the perfect summer sandal from those first steps to endless adventures that can be worn in both wet or dry conditions. 

Learn More About the Famous Salt-Water Sandals

Salt-Water make 2 distinct styles to suit everyone’s needs and tastes; the Salt-Water sandals and the Sun San sandal. Salt-Water Sandals are defined by their tough little-way stitched rubber sole, whilst the Sun-San range is built upon a more bouncy urethane bonded base. 

We also love that they do matching parent and children styles so people of all ages can enjoy these amazing sandals. Who doesn’t love a good twinning moment with their children!?

Learn More About the Famous Salt-Water Sandals

Still to this day Salt-Water sandals are still made in the original factory Walter Hoy made the first pair in, made to order using the original 1940’s machinery. The technique is still the same that was used to make the very first pair and all made by hand by skilled and loyal workers who have worked with the brand for many many years. The enduring quality and proven heritage of these sandals is unquestionable.

Learn More About the Famous Salt-Water Sandals

Celeb Fans

If you hadn’t guessed already, we love them and are guilty of having them in a few different colours ourselves. If you aren’t already a fan or a repeat customer then you probably know someone who is. Plus, they have fans all over the world, including a few a-lister’s on the list from the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker to Sienna Miller and Fearne Cotton.

Salt-Water sandals are shoes that have heritage and quality at the heart of their very sole and have made it their mission to stick to their traditional methods and ways of working to bring us sandals made to last. Come take a look at some of our favourite pairs.