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Keeping Your Little Ones Safe on the Go with Axkid Car Seats

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As parents, we always want what’s best for our little ones, especially when it comes to their safety, and one of the most essential things to consider when on the go is the quality of their car seat.

This is why we are super excited to introduce you to Axkid- the leaders in car seat safety! Axkid offers a complete range of secure rear-facing car seats for little ones of all ages and they're now available to shop at Natural bay Shower.

To find out what makes Axkid car seats stand out and why you should consider them for your family, read on...

Safe car seats with Axkid

Axkid's story

Since 2009, Axkid has been leading the way in improving child safety. Founded by Tony Qvist and Tony Broberg, the Swedish born company brought together a team of designers with extensive experience in child safety and car seat seats with a mission to create safer and more efficient car seat designs.

Axkid car seat design

One of the most significant features that make Axkid car seats some of the safest car seats in the world is their innovative design.

Axkid's innovative design always has a strong focus on safety with longevity, so that they can carry your child in the safest of positions for longer, with extended rear-facing car seats.

The range is also designed with flexibility in mind, so they can fit in different car types, including those with limited space. Their lightweight footprint also makes it easy to move them around making them super easy - therefore safer to install.

extended rearward facing car seats

Car seat safety

Many experts recommend that children should travel in a rear-facing car seat up to 4 or 5 years old, yet Axkid design ensures a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible- up to 25kg or 6 years. This design ensures your little one's head and neck are protected with added support, making it much safer for them in the event of an accident.

Another safety check of Axkid's car seats is the Plus Test. Workshop Plus in Sweden is a standardised car seat testing system that is more reliable than the common EU rules. This means that Axkid car seats go through rigorous testing measures to ensure they meet the highest safety standards - something that gives parents peace of mind.

At Natural Baby Shower, we are delighted to partner with a brand that puts children's safety first. We highly recommend you give Axkid car seats a try to see for yourself why they are leaders in car seat safety!

Axkid Minikid 3

Sustainable design

We're always prioritising safety when it comes to new brands and products, however one other important box every brand must also tick is sustainability!

Axkid recently shared their sustainability report and it's a testament to their dedication to keeping little ones safe but also building a better world for their future.

CEO Daniel Johansson and the team at Axkid are not only actively saving lives, but also taking responsibility for a sustainable future. Their strategy focuses on three main areas: taking care of the environment, being socially responsible, and keeping their business profitable.

They're committed to this through improving their supply chain and making their workplace a better place to work. Plus, they're striving to be fully CO2 neutral! It's great to see a company making positive changes for the planet and for our little ones.

Axkid car seats

The Axkid car seat range

The Axkid range at Natural Baby Shower offers an impressive line-up of car seats, including the famous Axkid Move, One 2, Minikid 2, Minikid 3, and Modukid.

Each car seat has its unique features, such as removable covers and headrests for easy cleaning and a high backrest for superior support yet all of these car seats with safety features such as ASIP - Axkid Side Impact Protection.

This technology was developed in partnership with a renowned crash institute in Germany to ensure maximum protection in the event of a side impact collision.

Axkid One Car Seat

Finding your Axkid car seat

Seeking expert advice is always the best method to making the right choice for your family car seats but one factor you can consider on your own is your child's percentile. 

Once you know this and opt for the right size car seat for your little rider, you'll love Axkid's hero colourway in Tar which looks sleek and matches any car interior. 

Whichever model car seat your prefer, choosing Axkid gives you peace of mind you've opted for one of the safest rides around. For live demos and expert advice, make sure to connect via video call with our team of Nursery Specialists to find out more about a certain model and have all your car seat queries answered!

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