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Introducing the Elvie Stride

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The world's first silent wearable breast pump just gained a new co-star!

The Elvie Stride has landed and is now ready to pre-order at Natural Baby Shower.

Offering award-winning breast pump technology in a portable package, Elvie's new Stride breast pump is not one to miss mamas!

Providing the opportunity to express in a variety of situations whilst maintaining a degree of privacy, the Elvie Stride offers the ability to work, travel and maintain a busy lifestyle without compromise.

The Elvie Stride is a medical-grade, hands-free electric breast pump that can be popped into your nursing bra and worn comfortably under clothing. It’s designed to move with you and is ultra-quiet, so you can pump with confidence, in and outside of the home.

With minimal parts to clean, it saves both time and energy when compared to manual breast pumps.

We know the Elvie Stride is going to be a big hit with NBS customers, but what makes this breast pump so unique? Let's take a look...

Elvie stride the new silent breast pump

How is the Elvie Stride different to the Elvie Pump?

If this is the first question that comes to mind, we understand! The Elvie breast pump has been a hero piece of femtech for so many expressing mamas, which is why the Elvie Stride has set out on a different mission.

In a nutshell, the Elvie Pump is currently Elvie’s most advanced breast pump, providing the most sophisticated in-bra smart pumping technology, whereas the Elvie Stride aims to bring hospital-grade pumping in a more portable package.

While the Elvie Stride isn’t totally tube-free like the Elvie Pump, it still offers game-changing freedom to feel confident pumping on the go with discreet, hands-free movement and a host of smart app features. Unlike the Elvie Pump, there are a few accessories like the small Hub which sits outside of the bra that can be clipped onto a belt or clothing.

Lastly, the amazing advantage of the Elvie Stride breast pump is, despite featuring hospital-grade performance, it comes at a cheaper price point!

What kind of breast pump is Elvie Stride?

The Elvie Stride offers so much more than meets the eye, so we’ve listed some of its top features and explained why it’s revolutionary in the breast pump department…

Quiet yet powerful suction

Combining a small, hospital-grade motor with noise reduction technology, the Elvie Stride offers a whopping -300 mmHg* of pure pumping performance. If you’re not familiar with what makes a hospital-grade breast pump, it means that it features strong suction and unique expression technology.

Not only does the Elvie Stride deliver high maximum pressure, it also features 10 intensity settings in each of its stimulation and expression modes. This power is comparable with, and in some cases higher than other hospital-grade breast pumps.

Better yet, unlike some hospital-grade breast pumps, Elvie Stride is a single user device only so offers the freedom to independently express whenever you choose!

Comfortable expressing

Maximum breast pumping pressure shouldn’t come at the price of comfort. That’s why the Elvie stride offers multiple sized, easy-to-clean breast shields included in both single and double breast pump sets. These breast shields directly improve the ergonomics of your breast pump and ultimately, the quality of your pumping sessions.

Clever technology

Simply connect to the Elvie app to have full control over your breast pump at the touch of a button. You can remotely adjust intensity settings and keep records of your breast pumping history without needing to touch the pump in your bra.

smart app features

Cheaper price point

At a cheaper price point of £169 in single mode compared with the Elvie Pump single breast pump at £269, the Elvie Stride is a revolutionary way to help more women have access to world-class technology.

Hands-free pumping

The Elvie Stride's innovative design is perfect for on-the go breast pumping. It has no dangling bottles and features tangle-free wires, making it perfect to slip into your favourite bra and carry on with your day. The technology also remembers your settings each session. This means there's no need to spend time setting up each and every time you want to pump - result!

What's in the box?

With a single Elvie Stride, you'll also get you'll get a Hub, a Cup Front, a Cup Seal, Breast Shield (24 mm), Cap and an Extra-long Tube. It also comes with a Valve, Diaphragm, Clip, Cover and Charging Cable.

Want to know if the Elvie Stride is right for you?

Stay tuned for a full comparison on the Elvie Stride and Elvie Breast Pump coming to our blog soon. As we take a closer look into these two fantastic breast pumps, hopefully it will help you decide which one is right for you!

In the meantime, while the Elvie Stride is officially launching on September 5th, you can still shop this revolutionary breast pump as it's now available to pre-order!

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