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Introducing the CYBEX Cloud T i-Size: The Ultimate Infant Car Seat!

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Parenthood comes with many decisions, and choosing the right infant car seat can be one of the most important ones.

As parents, your little one's safety is of utmost importance so naturally, you want to ensure that they are comfortable and secure while you're on the go...

The all-new CYBEX Cloud T i-Size is the perfect solution for parents who want a car seat that will adapt to child's changing needs effortlessly. Let's dive into the features and benefits of the latest CYBEX car seat system and how it can make your life with a full car, easier.

Cybex cloud T car seat

Looking for a safe, versatile infant car seat?

Let us introduce you to the CYBEX Cloud T i-Size, the excellent choice for parents who want an infant car seat that is versatile, adaptable, and ultimately safe.

Its Stretch & Lie-Flat Technology, air ventilation system, and easy to use 180° rotation are only some of the many features that make this car seat stand out. Read on to find out all the reasons you should choose the Cloud T i-Size for your little one's next car seat.

What is the CYBEX Cloud T & base?

One of the standout features that make the CYBEX Cloud T i-size so impressive is its adaptability. This car seat can be used from birth to approximately 24 months, meaning you won't have to purchase multiple car seats as your child grows.

When used with the ISOFIX Base T (sold separately), the Cloud T i-Size Base provides an in-car recline position that makes your child's ride comfortable and safe. It also offers an ergonomic lie-flat position when used as part of a travel system. This way, your child can have unrestricted breathing and a safer reclined angle while their lungs continue to develop.

Sounds great? Discover more about the features that make this car seat a front-runner in the infant car seat space...


CYBEX Cloud T features 

Stretch & Lie-Flat Technology

The Stretch & Lie-Flat Technology outside of the car is another impressive aspect of the Cloud T i-Size Base. The recline hinges at the hip area to create a longer and more spacious seating position, providing additional leg support while still maintaining your child's comfort.

This makes the Cloud T i-Size Base one of the longest infant carriers on the market, and your child will have plenty of room to stretch and move around.

In-car recline

CYBEX's Cloud series introduces an innovative ergonomic lie-flat position for your child's comfort even outside the car. And now, with the newest addition, the Cloud T i-Size, your little rider can enjoy a reclined position inside the car too! This feature ensures maximum comfort without compromising on your child's safety during the ride.

in car recline

Rotates for easy boarding

Say goodbye to awkward reaching and twisting with the CYBEX Cloud T i-Size infant car seat. Its innovative 180° rotation feature, when used with the ISOFIX Base T, makes on and off-boarding a breeze.

This next-generation technology ensures your baby sits properly in the seat and is securely strapped in before setting off. Simply turn the seat towards the car door and lift your little one out with ease using the one-hand release mechanism and carry handle. No more strain on your back! 

Full Sun Protection with the XXL Sun Canopy

Shield your child from the harsh sun and busy surroundings with UPF50+ fabric XXL Sun Canopy. This cocoon-like canopy offers excellent sun and wind protection, ensuring your little one stays comfortable and safe. Plus, when not in use, it easily stows away, so you can keep your space clutter-free. 

25% enhanced car safety

Drive with confidence knowing that the CYBEX Cloud T i-Size's Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P.) System has got you covered in the event of an accident. The seat's energy-absorbing shell, combined with the extended side protection, can reduce initial impact forces by up to 25%. And, if space is limited in your car, the L.S.P. System can be easily stored away.

side impact protection

Travel system ready

With its travel system compatibility and intuitive adapters, this seat can attach to a range of strollers and pushchairs from CYBEX. But that's not all - the Cloud T also boasts a uniquely flat recline position, almost as flat as a carrycot. Don't settle for less when it comes to your little one's safety and comfort - choose the Cloud T i-Size.

Grows with your child

The ultimate solution for parents who seek a personalised and secure fit for their growing child. Thanks to its height-adjustable headrest with 12 different positions, you can ensure that your child is always comfortable and safe on every ride.

Adjusting the harness is a breeze with the integrated harness guide system, and the safety features of the seat are always positioned properly. The Cloud T i-Size is suitable for children from birth to approximately 24 months old (45-87cm), and the harness automatically adjusts as you change the headrest position or recline the seat. 

grows with you car seat

Base & seats

Secure your child's safety with the versatile and long-lasting ISOFIX Base T for the CYBEX T Line Modular System. With its maximum protection, the Cloud T i-Size can rotate up to 180° on either side of the car door. Plus, as your child grows, you can continue to use the base with the CYBEX Sirona T i-Size.

Safer travel for newborns

CYBEX'S Cloud T i-Size car seat ensures the safest ride for your newborns or premature babies with specially designed removable Newborn Inlay.

It provides a comfortable near-flat position that reduces the risk of their heads tipping forward while sleeping, ensuring a safer sleeping position and minimising breathing difficulties. Once your baby grows taller than 60 cm, simply remove the inlay for continued safe travel. 

newborn inlay

ISOFIX Technology

Discover CYBEX's intuitive ISOFIX technology! The Base T includes optimised, user-friendly ISOFIX-Release buttons for effortless installation in your car.

Plus, thanks to handy green and red indicators on the ISOFIX Tech Release buttons and base load leg, it ensures your car seat is always safely secured..

Breathable fabrics

CYBEX understand that your little one's body is still developing and can be sensitive to variations in temperature. That's why the Cloud T is made with breathable fabrics that regulate airflow and maintain a cool environment- keeping your baby comfortable and satisfied.

Breathable fabrics

Why we love

The Cloud T i-Size Base has been designed to be an all-around companion for your child, no matter where you go or what you do. It provides maximum safety and comfort while also being convenient and easy to use.

CYBEX has gone above and beyond to ensure that parents have the best experience while using the Cloud T i-Size Base, and it shows in the product's features.

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