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Introducing the Bugaboo Fox 5

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Bugaboo lovers, get ready to experience the much-anticipated Bugaboo Fox 5 pushchair!

Developed with sustainable materials and shipped carbon neutrally, this revolutionary all-terrain pushchair gives you gorgeous design combined with superior engineering – it's unparalleled luxury on wheels.

So join us in welcoming what is sure to be an instant favourite among parents: the brand new Bugaboo Fox 5!

Bugaboo Fox 5

Bugaboo Fox 5 features

Fear not, we will be answering the most pressing question first - what's new?! Well, the Bugaboo Fox 5 features a spectacular combination of sophisticated suspension, unrivaled maneuverability and so much more, making it the go-to pushchair to conquer any terrain!  Let's take a look at all it has to offer in closer detail...

Extra large wheels

Get set for a smooth riding experience - wherever you go! Bugaboo's puncture-proof wheels are extra large, so bumps and curbs won't stop you. Prepare to roll in style with wheels sized 8.5 &12 inches!

Enhanced maneuverability

With an innovative new chassis design, the centre of gravity has been shifted - making it simpler to navigate with a mere touch. This shift in weight also allows for more room when walking!

enhanced suspension

Extra large basket

Even more of your everyday essentials can be taken with you, thanks to the large underseat basket. With extendable flaps for additional storage space, it's now even easier to bring what matters most on-the-go!

One handed movement

With the push of a button, you can easily fold your stroller, adjust its handlebar and recline the seat in one effortless motion. Comfort and convenience now come hand-in-hand!

Grows with child

As your little one grows, this versatile seat provides adaptable comfort along the way. With 10 cm/4 inches of extension capabilities in both its footrest and canopy, it's an ideal companion for any growing toddler!

grows with child

New styling option

Bugaboo Fox 5 is the perfect pick for parents who want to up the style-factor in their strollers. Featuring an exclusive 'Astro Purple' canopy, this luxury pushchair also comes with seven other stylish colors - endowing it with panache that’s sure to turn heads!

Premium detailing

Get ready to experience a touch of luxury in detailing! The new bridge design allows the chassis to hold itself upright with ease, while fresh stitching and branding bring an undeniably stylish finish.

Push to Zero

One thing we couldn't wait to shout from our "treetops" is Bugaboo's commitment to creating a more sustainable future.

Bugaboo has carefully crafted the new  Fox 5 with eco-friendly materials and fabrics. Their Push To Zero Program means that this innovative design is reducing CO2 emissions by up to 20%, making sure every element of their production process reduces its environmental impact as much as possible.

Bugaboo sustainability

Going Bio-Based

Bugaboo remains at the forefront of innovation, introducing massbalanced Akulon®, a bio-based material crafted from upcycled bio-waste. This revolutionary new composition maintains Bugaboo's signature look and feel in the Bugaboo Fox 5 while delivering superior durability and dependability that so many of their customers have come to trust.

Shipped carbon neutral

The Bugaboo Fox 5 stroller is delivered with the utmost care for our planet. With a 73% reduction for 2022 in ocean freight emissions already achieved, Bugaboo intends to reach its goal of becoming 100% carbon neutral.

Future of Bugaboo

As part of their sustainability targets, the Bugaboo Fox 5 has been crafted with 100% recycled polyester and finished with a eco-friendly coating. By 2023 Bugaboo plan to switch, using this 100% recycled polyester to all models - reducing its environmental footprint even further!

Because of their effort already towards lowering the carbon footprint for each product - now at 81.56 CO2 equivalence - the Bugaboo brand is well on its way in becoming Net Zero by 2035 through their Push To Zero journey.

future of bugaboo

Join the Bugaboo movement

With an ambitious plan to reach zero carbon emissions by 2035, Bugaboo has three strategies in mind - reduce, reuse, and rebalance. To make this a reality they are looking for parents and their little ones who will join them as partners on their mission towards achieving environmentally sustainable goals.

By taking short-term initiatives that can be measured against both internal benchmarks or external targets including science backed standards – together we have the potential to create real change when it comes to climate action!

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