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Introducing the BeSafe iZi Kid X2 i-Size

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Award-Winning Safety from the Scandinavian Specialists

Norwegian car seat specialists BeSafe have been supplying safety to families since 1963. At the turn of the twentieth century, BeSafe’s original incarnation HTS were concerned with seats of a different kind – horse saddles. As the most popular mode of transport changed from horse to horsepower, the company began creating car seats for children, to keep safety a top priority in a world of changing technology. 

This decades-old dedication to safety is part of the modern BeSafe’s philosophy, with a vision to having no more children seriously injured in road accidents. This philosophy is one of the reasons we are so pleased to be a stockist of BeSafe and their innovations. 

The BeSafe iZi Kid X2 i-Size

The latest addition to the BeSafe canon is the iZi Kid X2 i-Size. It is an updated version of its predecessor, iZi Kid X1-Size. The main new feature of this seat is its unique side-impact protection technology, safely protecting babies and toddlers from accidents involving a side impact.

Another great feature is the presence of adjustable ISOfix arms that allow for extra legroom as your child grows. This means your child can enjoy rear-facing protection up to the age of four, as encouraged by experts.

The iZi Kid X2 i-Size was presented as test winner of its category (ca. 1-4 yrs) by ADAC, and scored the outstanding safety result of 1.1 – the highest safety score of its category ever recorded by ADAC/Stiftung Warentest. It has additionally passed the Swedish Plus Test, which makes it one of the safest seats on the market. The iZi Kid X2 i-Size was also awarded “Best Buy” by the UK Consumer organisation Which?.

What is i-Size and why is it important?

i-Size is a car seat safety regulation that is the new standard used across Europe. Designed to create a safer travel environment for children, i-Size is a standard made up of four necessary features: 

  • Rear-facing from 0-4

Rear-facing car seats have been a staple of Scandinavian driving for many years, hence BeSafe’s passion for providing them to UK families. The i-Size regulation means children must be rear-facing up until at least 15 months, although the BeSafe iZi Kid X2 i-Size allows this up until four years old. This is due to the significantly heightened safety – up to 75%! To learn why rear-facing car seats are so important, and so much safer, see our featured blog Why Choose Rear-Facing? 

  • Protection from side impacts

Previous car seat regulations only require seats to be tested against rear and front impacts. It is not imperative by current standards to offer protection against side impacts, in spite of these types of accidents making up 25% of all collisions. i-Size will legally require car seats to offer assured protection, something our new BeSafe product is proud to offer. 

  • Suitability determined by height not weight

i-Size will reduce the confusion some parents have about whether their car seat is suitable for their child. Currently, car seats are found in weight categories, however many children are different weights at the same age. With i-Size, car seats will be categorised by the height of your child – something easier to measure offering less confusion. 

  • ISOFIX fitting as a standard

Research has suggested that up to 75% of belt-fitted car seats are installed incorrectly, increasing the danger to your child. Essentially ISOFIX is an innovation to car seats, both rear and forward-facing. ISOFIX’s primary purpose is to reduce the risk of incorrectly installing car seat, making installations simple and giving mums and dads peace of mind. 

For more information on i-Size and the future of car seat regulations, see this piece from 

Why should I choose the new BeSafe iZi Kid X2 i-Size? 

As the name implies, BeSafe is all about safety. Of course, all car seat manufacturers have safety as a top priority, however the entire ethos and philosophy of BeSafe – combine with their decades-old presence in the industry – make them a top choice for many parents. BeSafe’s website lists a range of features that ensure is it safe right now, and in line with future legislation: 

  • Easily mounted with ISOfix and clear indicators shows when the car seat is correctly assembled which reduces the risk of incorrect use
  • Additional side impact protection with SIP+ (Side Impact Protection+)
  • The headrest can be easily adjusted in height with one hand, ensuring that the car seat grows with the child
  • Patented front brace that mechanically locks the seat in the car and provides an extremely strong mounting
  • Adjustable ISOfix arms that generates more legroom for the child and allows the car seat take up less space in the car
  • Magnets in the harness make it easy to get your child in and out of the car seat
  • The adjustable sleeping position can be easily adjusted during the ride to give the child extra comfort
  • Ventilation in the back of the seat for extra comfort
  • Body Hugger included

To learn more about rear-facing car seats, see our informative blog: Why Choose Rear-Facing?

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