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Introducing Sleepytroll - The revolutionary way to help baby sleep

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As any new parent knows, getting your little one to sleep is not always easy. Even when you've tried rocking, bouncing, and singing, sometimes all you need is a helping hand.

Introducing Sleepytroll; the revolutionary way to help get your little one snoozing. The Sleepytroll is the all new baby rocker aid designed to encourage peaceful slumber so that you can relax and enjoy the sweeter moments of family life...


The Sleepytroll Story

After months of having to constantly rock his newborn baby, Ståle, a dad to his three children in Norway had an idea that would revolutionise infant sleep. 

It was in 2015, on one of his never-ending outings in the pushchair to rock Silas to sleep that Ståle pondered - there has to be a more efficient way for him to sleep than me steadily pushing the stroller. After months of brainstorming, Ståle  partnered up with his engineer brother in law - in building what has now become, Sleepytroll!

His months of hard work and dedication eventually paid off when it was tested on baby Silas himself; who had no problem falling restfully asleep with the Sleepytroll. As news spread, this incredible invention allowed little Silas and other exhausted parents to get more precious restful hours at night. 

Sleepytroll Responsibility

The Sleepytroll mission is to provide tired parents and little ones with the aid of a quality sleep. However, they don't stop there; These committed individuals are dedicated to protecting the environment while doing so.

That's why to ensure sustainability, all Sleepytrolls are made from rechargeable materials free in toxins that meet SA8000® Standard regulations on child labor, forced or compulsory labor and health safety for workers - no corners cut!

The Sleepytroll Rockers

The Sleepytroll range includes baby rockers, bed rockers and adaptors which are all designed to provide the perfect way to give your little one a peaceful slumber.

These innovative products replicate the warm, safe feeling of being in the womb with gentle rocking movements - so you can rest assured knowing little one is always comforted. Whether you're at home or traveling about, the Sleepytroll makes sure you always have a helping hand.

sleepytroll crib

The Design & Features of Sleepytroll

Sleek and stylish

Sleepytroll has been designed with both parents and babies in mind. It has a sleek Scandinavian design which is stylish and portable meaning you can attach to a stroller, crib, and car seat.

Five adjustable settings

The Sleepytroll comes with five adjustable speed settings so you can choose the perfect rocking motion for your baby and customise their rock to suit their environment.

Sound and motion sensor

Sleepytroll immediately starts to move when motion is detected to rock your little one back to sleep, before going back to sleep-monitoring mode. Plus it also has a built-in sound detector that automatically responds when they start making sounds too.

Built-in rechargeable battery

It also has a built-in rechargeable NiMH battery that provides around eight hours of battery life. 

Easy-to-attach strap

With the easy-to-attach strap, you can attach the Sleepytroll to most strollers or car seats, wherever in the world you may be. That's because thanks to four international charger adapters included, it's great for travelling!


Need a helping hand?

So, if you're looking for an easier way to help your baby drift off into dreamland, why not put your trust in Sleepytroll like the thousands of other parents worldwide.

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