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Introducing LÄSSIG

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We are kicking off 2020 with some exciting news! We have officially welcomed the amazing LÄSSIG to Natural Baby Shower. We have been following the brand for as long as we can remember and couldn’t wait to have them on board and bring their lovely products to our customers. We love them and their dedication to the environment, and we think you will too! But who are LÄSSIG and what makes them special?

Introducing LÄSSIG


Who are LÄSSIG?

LÄSSIG are a family owned brand that create beautiful and functional family essentials that combine creativity with corporate responsibility. From parenting essentials, to stylish textiles and functional baby products, all their products are excellent in design, quality and sustainability. Sustainability is at the heart of everything they do and is a key part of their philosophy and attitude.


How it all began

LÄSSIG means “casual” in German. Not only in name, LÄSSIG also apply the meaning of the word to their products. They develop products that are casual, beautiful and functional as well as being fun and make life easier for busy families. 

LÄSSIG started in 2007 from simple questions: Can baby products be practible and beautiful? Why not make family essentials made out of materials that parents really like and would want to use all the time? LÄSSIG knew that they had the perfect answers to these questions and wanted to help make a difference. 

Introducing Lassig

LÄSSIG knew they wanted to create beautiful and functional designs, but equally support and protect the environment through every step of the design and manufacturing process. Through high employee standards, manufacturing processes, environmentally friendly materials and waste reducing practices; LÄSSIG have proven sustainability is not just a strategic catchword, but an attitude integral to their brand.


LÄSSIG Responsibility

But what steps do LÄSSIG take to behave responsibly and support the protection of nature and human beings? We know sustainable production is also becoming increasingly important to our customers – so we only take on brands that are as dedicated to the environment as we are through the balance of production, sustainable material selection and multi-functional applications.

Introducing LÄSSIG


Conscious production 

LÄSSIG accept responsibility for their employees in the same way as they do for the people who work in their manufacturing facilities in other countries. They personally inspect the working conditions of these facilities and only work with companies that adhere to work safety regulations and who pay and treat their employees well.


Environmentally Friendly Materials

LÄSSIG increasingly produce their products with recycled, untreated and environmentally friendly materials. These include recycled polyester from PET bottles, GOTS certified organic cotton, water-saving substances and materials, where the manufacturing processes require special production methods needing fewer chemicals and where resources are conserved.

 Introducing LÄSSIG


Multi-Functional Products

The easiest and most effective way to reduce waste and help the planet is to create products that have multi-functional uses that can grow with your family whilst also being able to stand the test of time with their quality. LÄSSIG design clever and innovative multi-functional products with their timeless styles and durability.


Supporting Initiatives

To give back and say thank you for the success of their products, LÄSSIG have made it their promise to support a large number of charitable initiatives. They have a long commitment to a wide variety of different environmental, children and animal protection projects around the world.


Introducing LÄSSIG


Award Winning

Unsurprisingly, LÄSSIG’s hard work and amazing designs have been rewarded with numerous prestigious awards as recognition. They have won international awards for outstanding product design, innovation, sustainability and quality.  These include the Red Dot Award, German Brand Award, German Design Award, Top 100 and more!

These awards reinforce what we already know, LÄSSIG is a pretty amazing brand and their products are pretty amazing too!


Our Favourties

Here are a few of our favourite products for the whole family from the LÄSSIG collection.

About Friends Children Bags

These cute children bags are the perfect little bags for your little one to carry their things around in. We love the magnets in the ears, eyes and mouth which lets their imaginations run wild. You can cover their little eyes, ears and noses, plus they can even hold hands with their friends backpacks.

Introducing Lassig


Bamboo Plates

Dinner time just got eco! These plates are made from 100% bamboo wood that also features a silicone anti-sup suction underneath. Sustainable and functional.

Introducing Lassig


Organic Knitted Clothing

Cosy and cute, LÄSSIG have a gorgeous collection of organic knitted clothing made from GOTS certified organic cotton and high-quality Eri silk. The unique blend of materials ensure your little one is kept warm in winter and cool in summer.

Introducing Lassig


Snail Pouf Cushion

It doesn't get any cuter than this snail pouf for your little ones nursery. Perfect addition to any nursery, that can then become their perfect place for play and snuggles as they grow. 

Introducing Lassig

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