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Introducing Joie: Elevate Your Parenting Journey with Style and Safety

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We know too well how the vast variety of baby products available can be incredibly daunting, even for the savviest of parents. That's why our mission revolves around helping you, by showcasing brands that we genuinely consider the best when it comes to parenthood. Here we introduce you Joie!

Joie's core philosophy is to serve your family, our community and our planet that we all enjoy, whilst keeping safety at the very forefront of each pushchair, travel system, car seat and accessory.

So, if you're a parent who is on the hunt for style, reliability, and security, then look no further than Joie.

Trustworthy and Reliable

Joie has swiftly become a household name among parents seeking top-tier products that cater to the diverse needs of their growing families. Whether it's the essential car seat for your daily travels or a baby pushchair that can see you through every strolling moment, Joie stand out as a symbol of trust and reliability.

Why Joie?

Product testing
At Joie, safeguarding your everyday moments is a top priority. They go beyond the EU safety standards to ensure those smiles extend from the very first journey home to the momentous first day of school.

No such thing as too safe
Count on your baby gear to be your steadfast companion every day. This is the philosophy at Joie, where their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they're up for any challenge you and your little one encounter. Joie goes the extra mile to make sure their baby products are super safe for parents like you. They test things like buggy brakes, folding capabilities, and canopies over 3,000 times – all to mimic the bustling life of a parent on the go. 

Crafted with the future in mind
For Joie, the commitment to securing children's futures has always been top priority on the to-do list. And what could be a more fitting investment in their future than protecting the very planet they call home?

With 8.8 million tons of plastic waste entering oceans yearly, Joie acts decisively to protect both children and the planet. They repurpose discarded plastic into soft, comfortable thread, which is then transformed into high-quality fabric for baby products - this is why we love their Cycle Collection. 

So, now that you've got a sneak peek into the world of Joie and their mission, let's dive into the hero products and award-winning must-haves, such as Joie Versatrax Travel System and the Joie i-Spin 360 i-Size Car Seat.

Joie Versatrax Travel System

This versatile 4-in-1 multi-mode system is tailor-made to accompany you and your little explorer. Seamlessly merging a carrycot, infant carrier, and stroller in its sleek design, it's your perfect partner for heading out on those family adventures.

For all you parents dealing with storage woes, whether it's in your cosy flat or just the need for something hassle-free and compact, the Versatrax has got your back. Folding it up is a breeze, and the best part? It magically stands tall on its own. Just what you need when you're out and about, juggling a million things as a super busy parent. 

Shop Joie Versatrax Travel System here >>

Joie Cycle i-Spin 360 i-Size Car Seat

Introducing the i-Spin™ 360 iSize Car Seat in Shell Grey – not only a comfort champion but also an eco-friendly superstar. The soft seat materials are crafted from 100% recycled materials, so this seat takes care of your little one and the planet, using 33 plastic bottles' worth of materials in its construction.

Absolutely, safety comes first, and the i-Spin™ 360 makes sure of it. Thanks to features like the Guard Surround Safety™ panels, Smart Ride™ rearward facing lock-off, and those sturdy steel-reinforced ISOFIX connectors, you can kick back knowing your little one's safety is well taken care of.

Joie Cycle i-Spin 360 i-Size Car Seat - Shell Grey at Natural Baby Shower

And that's just the start – the 360º seat rotation, nifty 19-position support leg, and on-the-go recline are like little treats for parents, making those car rides a breeze. So, whether it's a quick supermarket run or a family adventure, this seat's got your back, and your peace of mind too.

Joie Cycle i-Spin 360 i-Size Car Seat - Shell Grey at Natural Baby Shower

Oh, and let's not forget its impressive lifespan. Starting from birth and going strong until around 4 years, this seat is here for the long run. So, journey with that extra bit of assurance, as Joie has ticked off safety, comfort, and sustainability for all your adventures. Shop i-Spin™ 360 iSize Car Seat here >>

Joie products continue to win us over as a top-tier baby brand. Their designs are simple but totally family-centered, appealing to both seasoned parents and those just starting their journey.

Striking that perfect balance, Joie offers budget-friendly options that don't skimp on cutting-edge features and safety. So, whether you're a veteran parent or a fresh face in the game, if you're after reliable essentials, Joie has your back.

From car seats to pushchairs, you can explore the full range of Joie products here >>