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 Introducing Essentials From Trixie Baby

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We are always searching for the most sustainable brands that create gorgeous, high-quality products for your baby.

That’s why we are super excited to announce a new face to the Natural Baby Shower family. Introducing Trixie Baby!

Trixie Baby - also known as Trixie - is a Belgian-born company which makes beautiful baby and toddler essentials. They have gained worldwide status and have a broad collection of products. While they may be a newcomer here, Trixie Baby have been creating thousands of products that fuel little imaginations for years…

who are trixie baby

Who are Trixie Baby?

Trixie craft products from the ground up. They take into consideration the needs of little ones and the impact on the environment. Their large product portfolio includes anything from essentials for baby’s bedroom to stylish accessories for little explorers. In a nutshell, the Trixie brand three is driven by 3 fundamentals: 


Inspired by children's boundless imaginations, Trixie’s broad range of products are designed to help explore their endless playground. Trixie’s designs are created with a focus on adventure and how the world is seen through the eyes of children. 

Imagination, playtime, and fun are some of the elements that inspire the Trixie identity. This helps to provide character and creativity into the day-to-day life of a little one during childhood.

imaginative play


At Trixie, sustainability is central in everything that they do. From product development to maintaining the best eco practices with their customers, it is translated across all areas. 

Their holistic approach to sustainability encourages others to also make responsible choices for the planet. Trixie uses high quality materials for its baby essentials and informs customers on how to prolong the lifespan of their products. This means they are durable enough to withstand the tough love of little ones and can be passed down for generations.

One of the other ways they implement sustainable practices is through their product selection. Their reusable bottles cut down on single use plastic. Made from materials like stainless steel, they have a long-life span. 

They are also committed to using organic cotton wherever they can. They pay close attention to manufacturing products that come into contact with the little one’s skin. That is why all bedding and bath time products are also made from this material.

The entire clothing line also has GOTS certification. All textile products must be manufactured in a way that is safe for the environment and children's health.

Lastly, like Natural Baby Shower, Trixie have made impressive steps to making sure their packaging is fully recyclable. They ensure any plastic is kept to a minimum.

sustainable mealtime

Broad range

The Trixie range houses everything you need to spoil a little one, from newborn to school age. This includes baby clothes, bathtime bits, playtime essentials and more.

From trending toys to back-to-school essentials all of their products are designed to fit with the modern lifestyle.

Each collection and product are selected within a theme and colour palette that helps to spark imagination and match every occasion. 

broad range

Why we love

"We're so excited to help bring Trixie to UK parents. I've loved onboarding this brand to Natural Baby Shower as its broad range is fuelled with fun spirit and perfect for every little one at every stage!"

- Jemma, Buyer 

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