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How to swaddle with Merino Kids Cocooi Babywrap

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Are you looking for a simple solution to swaddling where your little one feels secure yet comfortable?

Well, we love our sister brand, Merino Kids' Cocooi Babywrap. This clever wrap is designed for easy, 3-step swaddling that gently cocoons your little ones in soft, hypoallergenic merino wool.

It's super simpler to master the swaddling technique on the Cocooi Babywrap, but if you need some guidance, we’ve put together a little step-by-step guide to wrapping your baby.

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Before we examine the how-to’s, let’s start with why the Cocooi Babywrap is the perfect newborn swaddle wrap… 

Gentle on skin

The Cocooi Babywrap is made of super soft merino wool that keeps your baby warm and cosy throughout the night.

The 200gsm material regulates temperature, creating a microclimate around them to keep your little one comfortable in any weather condition.

Thanks to its naturally hypoallergenic properties, merino wool is also perfect for sensitive skin or eczema sufferers!

Clever design

Designed with parents in mind, the Cocooi Babywrap has 3 easy steps that are perfect for securing your little one. There's no need to spend lots of time trying complex swaddling techniques either.

The handy seatbelt vent makes it easy to transfer between home and their car seat, while two poppers make sure they stay secure all night long...even for the most wriggliest of sleepers!

Snug yet secure

Swaddling your baby is a wonderful way to keep them snug and peaceful but there are even more benefits...

The Cocooi Babywrap also offers the same advantages as traditional swaddle blankets, such as preventing unnecessary wake-ups caused by their startle reflex, or providing an environment where they feel safe from worldliness through being wrapped up nicely in something cosy.

Plus, thanks to the natural stretch of merino wool, it is perfect for allowing for secure movement, which is why it has been acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) as a hip-healthy product.

Step-by-step instructions

Cocooi Babywrap swaddle

Step 1 Positioning

Place baby on their back in the centre of the wrap, with baby’s head slightly above the top edge and baby’s legs inside the bottom foot pouch.

Cocooi Babywrap swaddle

Step 2 Fastening

Attach the two shoulder snaps securely. Bring the shorter wing over the baby’s left shoulder and arm, wrapping diagonally across and under the body. 
The right arm and shoulder should be placed down, with the long wing wrapping around your baby twice.

Cocooi Babywrap swaddle

Step 3 Securing

Tuck the loose wing into the wrap and adjust the fabric around the neck to allow for complete airflow to the face and cheeks.

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