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How to entertain your little ones during Twixmas

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You may be asking what is Twixmas? We all know those days in between Christmas and New Year when most of us are sat in our pj’s watching TV show re-runs, rarely leaving the house and eating piles of leftovers and boxes of chocolates. Well that’s Twixmas!

After the build up to the big day, all the presents have been unwrapped and Santa has gone back to the north pole, the days that follow could feel a little bit of an anticlimax. Trying to entertain your little ones during these few days can feel like hard work, especially if the weather is being typically British! So, what can you do with your little ones during Twixmas?

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Let the games begin!

With all the new toys and games we are sure your little ones got from Santa, what better time to get stuck in and give them all a go! Be the VIP guest at their teddy bear tea party with their Le Toy Van tea set, be the ultimate sous-chef in their new Sebra kitchen or let them give you a health check with their new Doctors set. You will be helping their imagination go wild and keeping them entertained, plus play time is always more fun when everyone is involved.

Or get competitive and challenge your family to the ultimate Christmas treasure hunt around your house and garden. These are easy to set up and kids love them, it’s also a good way to help with their cognitive learning. If you’ve got time you could write out clues and riddles to help them find the goodies around the house, or just keep it simple and let them loose to search the house for their prizes.

How to entertain your little ones during Twixmas


Become a family of artists

There is no better way to keep your little ones entertained for hours than some old school arts and crafts. Get their eyes off of the TV for a little while and get them involved in created their very own mini masterpieces. Keep some of the used wrapping paper and empty boxes that you accumulated from presents and use these in the arts and crafts, the perfect way of re-purposing what would have simply been rubbish. Just be prepared for a little mess, lay down newspaper to catch most of the mess and protect your little one with a coverall bib. The smock bibs have long sleeves for full coverage perfect for arts and crafts fun.

How to entertain your little ones during Twixmas

Or you could sit your little ones down to tackle the task of writing thank you cards. Friends and family members love receiving these thoughtful messages thanking them for the gorgeous goodies they got your family. Depending on their age of course, it might be easier for you to write the message in the card and your little one simply writes their name. Or go that little bit further and get them to add their own personal touch and make the cards from scratch with their craft kits. Pre-warning, this may get a little messy!


Go outdoors, whatever the weather!

If you are going a bit stir crazy and craving a bit of fresh air brave the British winter weather and go explore the great outdoors. Even if it is just for an afternoon stroll it can be a good way to wear your little ones out and stretch those legs. If it is raining, wrap your little ones in their rain coats and winter boots and enjoy some puddle jumping. Then once you’re home warm everyone up with a yummy hot chocolate.

How to entertain your little ones during Twixmas

Or if you didn’t have enough time before Christmas to do all the festive events, many of them carry on running until the end of January. Twixmas is the perfect time to head out and continue the festive celebrations with those activities that aren’t on all year round such as Christmas markets or ice skating. Wrap up warm and get your skates on to take the whole family to your local outdoors ice rink, even if you do end up looking like Bambi on ice.


Tidy up, team work makes the dream work!

Ok, hear us out on this one! We know this is probably the very last thing you want to do over the Twixmas period but with the whole family team helping out it could make quick and light work! We are sure your house is overflowing with brand new toys and games your little ones received from over generous relatives filling up every corner of your house. Take an afternoon to tackle the piles of gifts, you will thank yourself later! Put the Christmas songs on, get the family involved and make it fun with rewards and treats.

Just when you think the house is bursting to the brim you now have a whole mountain of new items to squeeze in, finding space for these can feel like mission impossible. Storage items can really help, we love the Elodie Details storage baskets. These look gorgeous whilst being so practical to tidy up and put away all that Christmas clutter. Or for those larger items we use the Play & Go storage bag. During play time this storage bag transforms into a play mat to play on but once play time is over simply pile everything in and do up the bag to create the perfect storage place. Every mum’s dream! 


How to entertain your little ones during Twixmas

How to entertain your little ones during Twixmas


Make the most of it!

On the other hand, you could do nothing! Sounds crazy we know but it’s so rare that it is acceptable to do nothing that we think embrace it. Christmas is a busy time with so much planning, parties, presents, and so many family reunions that it is nice to just sit back and relax afterwards

How to entertain your little ones during Twixmas

Give yourself those few days to take a breather from the madness of everyday life and just enjoy your time with your little ones and make the most of the perfect excuse to just chill. Rip open their new toys, wrap your little ones in some cute rompers or sleepwear perfect for lazing around the house in and pop on your favourite Christmas movie. Heaven!