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Get your little ones ready with our preschool essentials

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Hello, fellow parents! The big day is approaching – your little one's first step into the world of preschool. Exciting, right? But we know it can also be a tad overwhelming. Don't worry, we're here to prepare you like a pro.

Introducing our Preschool essentials collection, featuring top brands like Done by Deer, Little Dutch, Liewood and Trixie. From cool backpacks to practical lunch sets, we've got everything to set your first-time preschooler up for their big day. 


Trixie Backpack - Mr Lion at Natural Baby Shower

As your little one steps into preschool life, it's a good idea to choose quality products for their first school experiences. From nappy changing essentials to spare pants if they're potty-trained, make sure their backpack is spacious enough for all the art projects and treasures they'll bring home.

Browse our selection of backpacks, designed to be your little one’s trusty companion and ready for any adventure. Let's take a look...


Say goodbye to lunchtime worries with our Snack & Lunchbox collection. Crafted from top-notch materials like hygienic stainless steel, silicone, sustainable bamboo, and BPA-free plastic, we've got you covered.

Done by Deer Snack Box Set - Sea Friends - Blue - 3 Pack at Natural Baby Shower

Whether it's a quick errand run, a delightful picnic, or prepping your little ones for preschool, we've got the tools to keep their meals exciting and hassle-free.


Done by Deer Kids Insulated Lunch Bag - Green - Croco at Natural Baby Shower

The excitement of walking into preschool with your stylish lunch bag is a moment to remember - probably more so the parents! Our collection of robust and hygienic lunch bags ensures that nutritious snacks and meals are just a zip away, providing the fuel they need for their day's escapades. With an array of styles to choose from, you'll not only meet but exceed your young explorer's needs.


Amidst the excitement of preschool playground adventures, remember to provide your child with a trusty water bottle. After all, playing around can work up quite a thirst!

Trixie Drinking Bottle - Mrs Elephant at Natural Baby Shower

We understand the importance of an eco-friendly option that goes beyond just hydration – it's about making a positive impact by replacing single-use plastic bottles. You can bid farewell to spillage concerns because our bottles are built to be completely leak-proof. Explore user-friendly caps so your little ones hands can effortlessly open and close. It's a win-win!

Browse our collection here and discover the perfect water bottle that suits your style and your child's needs.


Little Dutch Balance Bike at Natural Baby Shower

Explore our range of traveling essentials, featuring bikes, scooters, helmets, and accessories – perfect for adding fun to your school run routine. And, of course, safety is our top priority, combining both safety and style in one package. Take a look at our collection.


Equip your little explorer with essential rainwear for preschool children. When the rain comes calling, our collection has you covered. From waterproof coats and puddlesuits to super fun colour-changing wellies, we're here to ensure their outdoor adventures are all about joy and comfort. Complete the ensemble with umbrellas and socks to keep them dry and ready for forest school explorations or puddle-jumping escapades.

After you've shopped all the necessary supplies, it's time to kick-back with your little ones before the big day arrives!

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