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Get ready for back to school with Trixie and friends

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Hello Half-termers!

We’re sure you’re having lots of fun this week with your little ones however, if you get a moment to yourself while they’re (you’re) taking some much-needed chill-time, be sure to start getting those back-to-school preparations in order…

Want to save yourself some time doing it? Well, look no further than shopping brands like Trixie, Liewood, and so many more in our Pre-school essentials collection. We guarantee you’ll find something you love; from backpacks to stationery sets, you can rest assured that your little one will be ready for anything the school day throws their way!

school supplies for half term

Refreshing their school supplies

Before you can say "school supplies!", your little one is already running low on pencils and glue sticks. And don't get us started about the condition of that backpack!

With school life creating - what can seem like - a never-ending cycle of wear-and-tear, it's better to opt for quality products when restocking their school bag; we know from experience that Trixie has some great options if you're looking for resilient back–to–school essentials with a fun and vibrant edge. 

Let's take a look...


Trixie's fun animal-inspired products includes an array of items ranging from backpacks to water bottles, so you can rest assured that your little scholar will be ready for anything. So read ahead to find out which animal friend they want by their side this school season!


school backpacks

Each Trixie bag is designed with functionality in mind – with lots of pockets and adjustable straps that make carrying everything easier. They’re perfect for carrying around books or storing snacks for when hunger strikes! 

You'll also find with these backpacks and across the Trixie range, there are lots of adorable characters to choose from such as Mr Lion, Mrs Elephant and Mr Monkey, so your little one can pick out their favourite mascot!

Water bottle

trixie leak-proof water bottles

Don't forget a hydration companion to follow them on all the amazing playground journeys! Trixie's water bottles are crafted from durable stainless steel with a friendly animal face design and it's the perfect alternative for single-use plastic bottles.

Better yet, there's no need to worry about any mess - this bottle is 100% leak-proof and its handy cap is easy for little hands to open or close quickly.

Lunch bag

lunch bags with tags

Little ones can make a roaring statement with Trixie Thermal Lunch Bags - like our favourite, Mr Lion! These top-notch lunch bag boasts both heat and cold protection, as well as an exterior waterproof coating. Making it even easier to carry, there's also a large zipper plus handle for convenience.

In addition, their name is sure to stay safe with a tag inside – guaranteeing no unexpected "lunch buddies" take off without them! Alongside all that comes one scrumptious bonus: A dedicated pocket on the back of the bag perfect for keeping favourite snacks close at hand.


kids umbrellas

To keep your little one dry and help spread some eco-friendly cheer, discover Trixie's uber-cool umbrellas!  Every detail of this umbrella makes it both eco-friendly and adorable thanks to its 100% recycled polyester fabric, charming animal face, floppy ears and tail.

This special design also comes equipped with a strong yet lightweight aluminum frame to keep them safe even in bad weather. Plus, there's an easy sliding system that small hands can use so they're ready for whatever Mother Nature throws their way; then just store away when you don't need it anymore thanks to the convenient strap!

More back to school essentials

It's not just Trixie that we think are playground-approved, we have some other truly great options to consider for their little backpacks. One of our longstanding favourites, Liewood have been creating products for little ones with modern and simplistic style since 2015 and have long been loved by parents worldwide. 


liewood outerwear

Whether you're going to school on a drizzly day or ready for an adventure in the rain, grab some eco-friendly and stylish protection with Liewood's Dakota Soft Shell Set. Its breathable fabric is crafted from 100% recycled polyester that'll protect your little ones against wet and windy weather.

Little ones can enjoy extra comfort when they pull up the adjustable suspenders of their trousers, while its detachable hood has got them covered so you can embrace those rainy days out knowing it looks great - plus supports sustainability goals too!

Snack box

snack box

Take snacking on the go to a whole new level with Liewood's Fiby and Charlot Snack Box sets! Both sets come in playful shades that will spark joy, while their cute animal-inspired designs are sure to delight little ones of all ages.

Not only practical but safe too; both products are made from 100% silicone which makes them unbreakable and dishwasher friendly - making snack time a breeze for the grown ups too!

Time to relax

Once you have all their preschool supplies ready to go, take a moment to kick back and enjoy the rest of the half-term holiday. Be sure to make all these precious days count with some stress-free family fun!

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