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Father's Day 2024 Gift Guide

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Father’s Day is taking place this year on Sunday 16th June, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate all the amazing fathers, stepfathers, Godfathers and grandfathers out there. If you’re looking for a special gift to give this year, we’ve put together the ultimate Father’s Day gift guide to help you celebrate in style as a family.

Read on for some fun gift ideas for Father’s Day 2024 that both dad and baby will love…


The MiniMeis G5 Shoulder Carrier is an absolute parenting game changer. This carrier is designed by Norwegian dads and loved by little ones all over the world. It is comfortable, safe and the ultimate accessory for active, urban and adventurous families.

This carrier allows little ones to experience the world from the best view and encourages bonding and fun between parent and baby. This carrier can be used by children aged from six months to four years old with a maximum weight limit of 18kg.

Perfect for family days out, your little one will love exploring the world with their dad with this father’s day gift.


The smarTrike Traveler Active Stroller is perfect for adventures out with dad. This stroller transforms from a comfortable and safe infant pushchair to a thrilling toddler trike with the push of a button.

This is the perfect product to encourage your little one to grow their independence, adventure, and active lifestyle, and will also encourage bonding and excitement between baby and parent. Why not celebrate Father’s Day this year with a father-baby adventure at the park, where your little one can take the lead and steer the way.


Babiators frames are indestructible and stylish sunglasses for children that provide 100% UV protection. Sun safety is a hot topic all year round, even during the cloudy British summertime, so eye protection for your little one is crucial, especially because kids receive three times more annual exposure than adults.

Aside from all the important safety benefits, Babiators also happen to be super stylish and snazzy, and are available in a variety of colours, frames and styles.

This Father’s Day, why not go matching by investing in a pair of awesome Babiators for your little one that twin with dad’s shades? If the father in question doesn’t have a pair of sunnies, that could be another gift idea perfect for this time of year.

Thule Bike Seats

If dad is the adventurous type who loves heading out on a family bike ride, a Thule Tepp 2 Maxi Frame Mount is a great gift idea so he can take baby along for the ride.

This is a rear-mounted child bike seat that provides tons of comfort, safety for every journey.

Why not plan a family bike ride this Father’s Day and let little one ride with dad in style?


We know it’s cliché, but fathers are known for teaching their little one how to ride a bike, and it is an important and special role that many fathers love to step into.

If your little one hasn’t yet learned how to ride a bike, why not gift dad with a Little Dutch Balance Bike this Father’s Day so he can start his first lesson with little one, and create lasting memories that both will cherish for years to come.


Tonies make the perfect gift for any occasion, and with a variety of characters and stories to choose from, there’s hours of bonding time to be had between father and child.

If dad is a Roald Dahl fan, a Disney devotee or a Marvel maniac, treat dad to his favourite Tonie so he can listen with little one and bond over their favourite moments.

However you’re planning on celebrating Father’s Day, we hope these gift ideas will help you make the most of the day embracing the special bond between a father and his baby.

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