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Empowering Mamas and Preserving Our Planet with Lola&Lykke

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This week World Environment Day 2023 has fallen, meaning its a perfect time to shout about Lola&Lykke's recent eco-accreditation from our treetops!

Lola&Lykke is a Finnish women-led company that specialises in organic and sustainable maternity and postpartum products, ranging from pregnancy support to nursing essentials. They have a simple mission - to support women throughout their journey by providing sustainable and nurturing products.

Want to know how Lola&Lykke prioritises sustainability and the significance of their new Butterfly Mark certification? Read on...

Lola&lykke received butterfly mark certificate

Meet the founders

Laura and Kati, the co-founders of Lola&Lykke, were motivated by their own experiences as new mothers to create sustainable and nurturing products for mothers. Their primary goal is to build a more sustainable and equitable world for future generations.

Lola&Lykke is an outcome of the passion and vision of these two inspiring women, who understand the importance of entrepreneurship and female leadership for driving sustainable change. 

Lola&Lykke founders

Sustainability at the Core

Lola&Lykke is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. They use certified organic materials in all their products, including cotton, bamboo, and wool. They also minimise their waste by using eco-friendly packaging and actively participate in recycling programs.

They produce their products locally to reduce their carbon footprint. Choosing sustainable products not only benefits our planet but also benefits consumers by providing safer and healthier options. How they do this has been shared in their recent Sustainability Report!

Positive Luxury Partnership

Like us, Lola&Lykke is committed to partnering with businesses that share their dedication to sustainability. That's why they've championed a place with Positive Luxury, a leading sustainability platform that verifies the ethical and environmental practices of its partners!

Through this partnership, Lola&Lykke ensures responsible and sustainable processes across all their business operations. This membership not only benefits Lola&Lykke, but it also benefits the society and the environment in the long run.

Butterfly Mark Positve Luxury

Butterfly Mark Certification

Lola&Lykke is one of the few companies that have successfully earned Butterfly Mark certification. The Butterfly Mark is awarded to brands that have been verified as leaders in environmental, social, and governance practices.

The certification signifies companies' dedication to a sustainable future. Lola&Lykke's dedication to ethical, social, and sustainable standards aligns with Butterfly Mark certification. It reinforces that Lola&Lykke is committed to manufacturing products that are good for the environment and for mothers.

Choosing Lola&Lykke

By choosing Lola&Lykke, you help to make a positive impact on the environment and support women-led businesses committed to sustainability. It's just a few of the reasons we love this brand, and the quality of the products are truly the icing on the cake! 

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