Earth Day - Buy Well, Buy Once

Today is Earth Day and to help support this special day we want to talk about something that we are very passionate about. It is well known that we live in a disposable society, the rise in fast fashion and this growing need for the ‘newest’ and ‘best’ products means people are buying and throwing away more to keep up with trends. This trend of shopping is damaging the planet and your bank balance! This Earth Day we want to help change the way society shops.

From the very beginning Natural Baby Shower has believed if you buy well you will only have to buy once. We go on the hunt for the most sustainable and durable baby and family products on the planet so you don’t have to.

Investing in quality and durable goods is the most sustainable way to shop. If you buy well in the first place you can buy products that will last you a lifetime. Well produced products made from high quality materials will last for years, making it possible to be passed along to siblings and friends. It becomes a cherished piece of your little one’s childhood that you can pass on, instead of it ending up in landfill six weeks after purchase.

To help reduce waste and stick to the buy well, buy once mantra it is important to buy products that last. For example, clothes that are made from organic cotton and high quality materials, or hardware that can adapt and grow with your little one instead of having 1 single use.

We can’t wait to show you our top products and brands that support the Natural Baby Shower’s buy well buy once ethos. Help us make the planet that little greener this Earth Day.

Earth Day - Buy Well, Buy Once



Babiators sunglasses are built to last and survive your little one’s adventures. Their lenses offer 100% UVA + UVB protection and the frames undergo rigorous testing to ensure they’re safe for kids. What makes these shades so durable are their flexible frames and shatter resistant lenses which are strong enough to withstand any bending or stomping making them virtually indestructible. They are so confident about their designs Babiators offer a 1 year guarantee, if you lose or break any of their products in the first year, they’ll replace them for free.

Babiators are the perfect buy well, buy once sunglasses that will survive many summer holiday for years to come. 

Earth Day - Buy Well, Buy Once


Boori Convertible Range

The Boori convertible range is an amazing investment for your child that will save you money and reduce waste in the long run. It starts life as a convertible cot which transforms into an infant bed and then grows into a two seated sofa AND can also be converted into a double bed later. The perfect reusable addition to any eco nursery. All their products are also made from the highest quality sustainable wood sourced from all around the world to bring their customers the highest quality furniture. For these unique convertible pieces to stand the test of time, they need to be crafted from a strong, durable material and only real solid wood can truly withstand the bumps and knocks of family life.

Earth Day - Buy Well, Buy Once

The Bonnie Mob

The Bonnie Mob are committed to sustainability and create all their clothing with buy well buy once ethos in mind. All their bright and colourful designs are built to last so families can use Bonnie Mob for years to come and pass them on to loved ones. Bonnie mob have strict quality standards, they use only GOTS certified cotton. They also design for longevity – cuffs are made for turning, trousers for rolling, knits have a bit more width to allow for little tummies to grow. Each Bonnie mob piece really is made to last and the quality speaks for itself. 

Organic Children Clothing


Kidsmill Highchair Up!

The Kidsmill Highchair Up is the only highchair you will need, it grows with your little one and adapts to their changing needs as they meet different milestones. We love the adaptable design of this highchair, it can be used from 6 months and beyond or from newborn with the newborn seat addition sold separately. The ergonomic design is fully adjustable and can be adapted to each of your child’s life stages. There is no limit to how long this chair can be in your family or home, it’s so versatile and stylish, the best kind of buy well buy once purchase. As if that’s not enough reason to want one, it’s also made from durable solid beech wood in 6 contemporary colours.

Earth Day - Buy Well, Buy Once


Merino Kids

Merino Kids produce the ultimate heirloom quality products that are known for being handed down from generation to generation. All their range consist of 100% natural superfine merino and 100% certified organic cotton. With this dedication to only using high quality materials comes products that can stand the test of time and can be treasured for generations. We often hear customers tell us how they have passed on their loved Merino Kids Sleeping Bag to their grandson or niece for them to love too. When looked after correctly and washed with care Merino Kids will last a long time.

Merino Kids buy well, buy once

Sarah & Bendrix Wooden Toys

Sarah & Bendrix craft beautiful, fun and traditional wooden toys for children which are all made from natural, sustainable and eco friendly materials. They believe good design doesn’t have to be complicated and that simplicity encourages little one’s imagination, creativity and learning. These natural and organic toys will last for years through their strong designs and quality materials standing the test of time, and a little rough play. Not only will they last, their timeless design will never age. These are the products you could see your grandchildren playing with in years to come.

Green parenting reduce waste

This Earth Day is the perfect time to start changing your shopping habits and to do your bit to make this planet is little greener and healthier for your children and the generations to come. Join us in our vow to help reduce waste by promising to buy well and buy once, saving the planet and your pennies in the process.

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