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There is no Planet B - National Recycling Week

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If protecting the planet wasn’t a priority to you before you were a parent, I’m sure it is now. Doing your bit to make sure the planet is a happy one for your baby to grow in is more important than ever. Becoming an eco-friendly parent doesn’t mean giving up the good stuff or making your life harder.

Our belief is that even the little things can make a big difference so try to start small but dream big. The good news is that by being eco-conscious you often make decisions that are not only better for the environment but better for your family’s health, wellness and bank balance!

With it being National Recycling Week we have complied some hints and tips to get you going and help do your bit for the planet. 

There is no Planet B - National Recycling Week

Reduce/ reuse/ recycle it

Recycle, recycle, recycle – we have all been told this for years, but it really is the key element to environmental change. When little ones understand that recycling allows for one item to be saved so it can begin a whole “new life” as something else, they tend to want to get involved. Recycling doesn’t always just mean tossing newspapers and cans in a separate bin: reusing is an even more efficient form of recycling.

The quickest way to reduce your waste is to throw away less in the first place. The old "reduce, reuse, recycle" phrase actually lists those actions in order of effectiveness, and reducing the amount of waste that you produce is key to living an eco-friendly life. Ditch single-use plastic containers whenever possible, pack your bag with a reusable water bottle and use re-usable sandwich bags. GoSili offer a great range of smart plastic alternatives for mums on the go, from reusable silicone cups and straws to silicone snack bags.

gosili products at Natural Baby Shower


Hand it down

There is an age-old misconception that hand me downs are tatty and old cast-offs, not helped when they are handed over in a big ugly bin liner! But, in reality, you could be turning down some real gems being offered to you for free. Little ones are constantly outgrowing their clothes, there is someone who would love those bright yellow dungarees that no longer fit.

Starting up a group exchange cycle among your friends could get you some gorgeous items of clothing or toys. If an item is not to your taste, pass it on! Keep the chain moving and flowing, other parents will thank you for it. Handing down to new arrivals mean they go to the baby down the street, they don’t disappear to landfill. Smaller kids breathe new life into what were once your favourite things.

There is no Planet B - National Recycling Week

Frugi are the perfect clothes to hand down as they are made to last. All their clothing is made from organic cotton, grown by trusted farmers and their outerwear is all made from recycled plastic bottles. It takes just 36 recycled plastic bottles to make one of Frugi's winter jackets! The soft organic cotton washes so well that they can be handed down through generations and still look great - the term 'reusable' at its best! 

There is no Planet B - National Recycling Week

If you're looking for a pushchair that can stand the test of time to be used throughout a growing family and beyond, Bugaboo is the one. Bugaboo builds it's integral elements, such as the chassis, to be durable and long-lasting. Spare parts and fabrics are also readily available meaning you can refresh your pushchair at any time - great if you’re handing down generations or passing to another family member. Some of these replaceable parts are made from recycled materials or materials that can be recycled after use. The core colour range of Bugaboo Fox fabrics are also made from 92 recycled plastic bottles.

Hand me downs are a perfect way to save money, help others and save the planet by reducing waste.

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Walk it

This may be an old classic that you’re sick of hearing, but if you are heading out to your local area or the school run don’t hop in your car, pop on your walking boots instead. There really are no disadvantages of walking, apart from the little extra time it takes. But the advantages outweigh this, it saves money on petrol, gives you and your little one exercise and fresh air whilst wearing them out for nap time, and it saves the planet!

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As your family grows, your little one could zip about by attaching a foot board onto your pushchair. This means your older child's little legs won't get tired and you can use your pushchair for 2 children at once making any journey fun and easy.

Another great addition to adventures together is a scooter. The Mountain Buggy Freerider Stroller Board is a perfect 2-in-1 which can be attached to multiple brands of pushchairs, allowing your little one to ride on your buggy. Then, once old enough, simply detach the freerider from your pushchair to allow them to ride free! 

Mountain Buggy Freerider Stroller Board at Natural Baby ShowerMountain Buggy Freerider Stroller Board at Natural Baby Shower


We can help!

We want to help parents become more sustainable. There are some really cool brands out there that champion reusing materials and making them in to something new, or focus on the concept of reusing products instead of throwing them away.

Here are a few products that can help you become an environmental hero parent.


Plan Toys

This brand make all of their wooden toys from recycled rubber wood trees that no longer produce latex. You'll also find no nasties in the glue, paints or dyes. Making play time fun, safe and environmentally friendly, win win!

But Plan Toys want to go further than that - surplus wood pieces from their production line are used in Biomass generators to produce electricity for the whole factory and surrounding villages!

There is no Planet B - National Recycling Week



Did you know a nappy can take up to 500 years to decompose?! By switching to cloth nappies, such as Totsbots, you will divert in the region of 4000 in-disposable nappies from landfill. Totsbots are absolutely free of any harmful chemicals, they also source materials as locally as possible with many fabrics manufactured right here in the UK.

There is no Planet B - National Recycling Week


Pura Bottles

Pura bottles are the perfect reusable alternative to standard bottles. Not only are they 100% plastic free, Pura bottles have the capability to grow with your child through out their development. It starts off as a baby bottle which you can easily convert into a sippy cup, sports bottle or even snack pot by adding lid adaptors, meaning they can last years!

Pura Drinking Bottles at Natural Baby Shower


Boori Convertible Range

The Boori convertible range is an amazing investment for your child that will save you money and reduce waste in the long run. It starts life as a convertible cot which transforms into an infant bed and then grows into a two seated sofa AND can also be converted into a double bed later. The perfect reusable addition to any eco nursery.  

There is no Planet B - National Recycling Week

Joolz Pushchairs

Not only are Joolz stylish and functional, they are also committed to caring for the environment. Joolz will plant a tree for every customers baby in the Joolz Birth Forest. All you have to do is register your pushchair on and they will plant a tree in your little ones honour.

But they don’t stop there, Joolz believe it is such a shame to just throw away the cardboard packaging so they came up with a genius idea to recycle it but with a difference. By following the instructions on the boxes Joolz want you to create something with their packaging such as a chair, a boat, reindeer and much more! 

Joolz eco packaging Natural Baby Shower


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