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Cybex launches e-Priam electric pushchair

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 At last a pushchair that does the work for you! Hills just got easier, rough ground jut got smoother and slopes just got simpler. The well known and well loved CYBEX PRIAM just got an innovative upgrade.

Revolutionary smart technology meets luxurious design in the CYBEX e-PRIAM. The e-PRIAM is the first e-stroller by CYBEX that uses technology to help parents tackle day to day life with ease. Intelligent, intuitive, and exceptionally innovative, the e-PRIAM empowers you to glide up and down hills with ease with its power assisted technology. It also smartly adapts to rough terrain like sand, gravel or cobblestones so every ride is smooth. Experience the magical sensation of a heavy load made lighter; of a rocky path made smooth; of an impossible climb made suddenly achievable.

 Cybex launches e-Priam electric pushchair


But what exactly does the e-PRIAM do?

With the help of smart technology and innovative design, CYBEX have transformed the PRIAM into a modern first of its kind electronic pushchair. The CYBEX e-PRIAM makes life easier by having a motor that kicks in when the person pushing it needs extra help. Sensors in the handlebar detect when you’re struggling to push uphill which activates Smart Uphill Assist. It also helps you tackle a hill with ease by increasing the braking pressure to add some resistance so you don’t need to use all your strength to stop the pushchair running away from you.

The e-PRIAM stroller combines smart features allowing parents to travel more, carry more, and make everyday tasks that little bit easier. 


Uphill Support

Make struggling up slopes a thing of the past—the e-PRIAM gives you a helping hand when you need it most. Once activated, the e-PRIAM uphill support monitors pushing effort and powers your ascent, making a steep climb feel like strolling along a level sidewalk.

Cybex launches e-Priam electric pushchair


Downhill Support

Travel down slopes in comfort and grace with the e-PRIAM downhill support—detecting pulling pressure on the handlebar and slowing your descent accordingly. Move downhill effortlessly, whether you’re travelling with a tiny newborn or a fully-grown toddler.

Cybex launches e-Priam electric pushchair


Uneven surface support

Don’t think twice about going off-road: the e-PRIAM lets you power across rough terrain such as sandy beaches, country paths and snowy winter streets. Greater travelling ease for you, greater travelling comfort for your child.

Cybex launches e-Priam electric pushchair


The details

The e-PRIAM is run on a rechargeable battery you will need to charge fully for maximum results. This battery sits on the rear axle and it designed to be easily removed and clicked back in. CYBEX says that it takes the battery 6 hours to fully charge when plugged into a power source. If the e-PRIAM is fully loaded with 23kg, the battery will last two to three days.

You can use the pushchair like a normal pushchair by simply switching the power button off if you are just doing a normal journey for the day and don’t need any extra support.

In terms of design it is almost identical to the original CYBEX PRIAM with a similar selection of colours with four different frames in rose gold, chrome with brown or black details and matte black. With its 4-in-1 Travel System, the CYBEX e-PRIAM frame can be used with the LUX Carry Cot, an infant car seat or a LITE Cot.  

Cybex launches e-Priam electric pushchair


Who is it best for?

The CYBEX e-PRIAM aims to make life easier for families by having a motor that kicks in when the person pushing it needs extra help. But the technology is also designed to help specific people needing that little extra help when out and about. Such as Grandparents on babysitting duty, new Mum's who are experiencing pelvic floor problems and women recovering from a C-Section. It is far from just another “gimic” or unnecessary technology development. CYBEX have created the e-PRIAM with parents in mind, and also those individuals that need that extra help in various situations. 



Can you buy the e-PRIAM as a seperate add on to your existing PRIAM?

The answer is no. The e-PRIAM intelligent technology is seamlessly integrated into the e-PRIAM frame and separately certified so you cannot buy it as a separate add on for use on another pushchair.


Can you use the e-PRIAM without the electrical assistance?

Absolutely! Simply switch the power button off on the e-PRIAM and it will work like a regular PRIAM.


How often do you need to charge the battery?

The battery run time depends on external conditions (e.g. surface characteristics, temperature, incline) and load (e.g. child weight, basket load). In fair conditions (flat terrain with short hills and a few uneven surfaces, an outside temperature of approximately 20˚C, a load of 9–10 kg) the battery will last for approximately 45 km. In difficult conditions (outdoor terrain with short hills and many uneven surfaces, an outside temperature of approximately 10–20˚C, a load of 15 kg) the battery will last for approximately 20 km. In extreme conditions (rugged terrain with very long and steep hills and mostly uneven surfaces, an outside temperature below 10˚C, a load of 25 kg) the battery will last for approximately 8 km.


Is it easy to charge?

It’s very easy. You can do it 1 of 2 ways. You can either directly attach the stroller to the power source using the cable that comes in the box. Or you can unclick the battery from the rear axel and charge it that way. Charging time is around 6 hours, until the green light appears.  


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