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CYBEX Cloud T i-Size Car Seat Review

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Meet the CYBEX Cloud T i-Size Car Seat, an all-rounder for comfort and flexible journeys with your little one.

If you're on the hunt for the perfect car seat, one that ticks the comfort, safety, and practicality boxes. Well, look no further! Allow us to introduce you to the CYBEX Platinum Cloud T i-Size Car Seat, the worthy successor to the award-winning Cloud Z2 i-Size.

This car seat is designed with your baby's comfort and safety in mind from day one. Suitable from birth, it's a cosy haven for your little one, providing comfort and security right up until they're about 24 months old. The Height-adjustable Headrest provides 12 different positions, allowing for a personalised and secure fit for your growing child. With the integrated harness guide, adjustments can be made effortlessly and within seconds while ensuring that the safety features of the seat are properly positioned.

CYBEX Cloud T i-Size Car Seat at Natural Baby Shower
And when you pair it with the ISOFIX Base T (sold separately), you're in for a treat – the car seat offers an in-car recline position for the comfiest rides ever.

But here's the game-changer: the 180-degree rotation feature. No more awkward stretches or twists while getting your baby in and out of the car. It's a small change that makes a world of difference, especially for new parents. Trust us; you won't want to go back to anything less!

The Cloud T i-Size Car Seat goes above and beyond. It's not just comfortable; it's cleverly designed too. The recline hinges at the hip area provide extra leg support and create a roomier seating space, making it one of the roomiest infant carriers on the market. The best part? All-around air ventilation ensures a perfect temperature, whether it's winter or summer.

CYBEX Cloud T i-Size Car Seat at Natural Baby Shower

The CYBEX Cloud i-Size car seat boasts high quality security features, giving you peace of mind that your little one is safe on every journey. Whether you're running errands around town or venturing on a cross-country adventure, this car seat's got your back – and your baby's front.

Parent tester - Simone Osborne

I'll be honest; the Cybex Platinum Cloud T i-size car seat had caught my eye for a while. But my partner was on a mission – he wanted us to choose practicality over style. When the giant box arrived, our son, Sonny, was over the moon with how big it was. We, on the other hand, were worried it might be TOO big, but when we unwrapped the sepia black seat, it was just right.

CYBEX Cloud T i-Size Car Seat at Natural Baby Shower

As parents expecting our second child, we had a checklist of what we wanted (and didn't want) in a car seat this time around. One thing we weren't expecting was how pleasantly light this car seat is – a far cry from the heavy, clunky seats we've used before. My partner was the designated seat-lugger in the past, but even I couldn't complain about this one.

CYBEX Cloud T i-Size Car Seat at Natural Baby Shower

Installing it in our medium-sized car was a breeze, leaving ample space between the car seat and our older child's seat. The added security, stability, and support from the base were reassuring, even for two non-experts at assembly. Believe me, if we can set it up in minutes, so can you!

Now, let's talk about that 180-degree rotating seat. We were sceptical at first, thinking it might be a passing fad. But oh boy, were we wrong! It's a game-changer. No more awkward stretches or twists – a blessing for any new parent. Plus, it's a breeze to use; even we had it figured out in no time.

CYBEX Cloud T i-Size Car Seat at Natural Baby Shower

The near lie-flat option was a new experience for us, and we loved the flexibility it offered. As for the fabric, we were pleasantly surprised. It's easily wipeable, a godsend when you have a baby who's prone to car sickness.

And that sun canopy is a personal favourite of ours. Not only does it add a touch of luxury, but it also elevates the entire system's design. Safety is vital, but a beautifully designed seat doesn't hurt anyone. It made this mum very, very happy!

CYBEX Cloud T i-Size Car Seat at Natural Baby Shower

Now, about the price – yes, it's on the higher end. But consider it an investment in your baby's journey. The many practical features aren't just for show; they'll make your daily life easier.

The CYBEX Cloud T i-Size is a great option for parents seeking a car seat that meet strict EU safety standards. Have confidence in safety and not losing out on a stylish option too - product available in a variety of colours and patterns.

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