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CYBEX Cloud G vs Cloud T i-Size Car Seat Comparison

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We're thrilled to introduce you to the newest addition to the CYBEX car seat family - the CYBEX Cloud G i-Size Car Seat. This innovative car seat is designed to provide not only the utmost safety for your little ones but also a touch of style that sets it apart from the rest.

Choosing the right car seat for your little one is a crucial decision for every parent. In this comparative blog, we'll explore the features of two exceptional car seats from CYBEX - the Cloud T and the Cloud G. Both designed with safety and comfort in mind, these car seats aim to make every journey a secure and enjoyable experience for your baby.


Safety Features 

Cloud G: Boasting a one-click release system and integrated Linear Side-impact Protection (LSP), the Cloud G ensures quick and efficient installation, along with enhanced side-impact protection for your baby.

Cloud T: The Cloud T, on the other hand, stands out as the ADAC test winner, emphasising its outstanding safety standards. It features a deployable LSP system for added protection during side collisions.

*Note at time of publishing the Cloud G is awaiting next available ADAC testing to receive results


Recline Functionality 

Cloud G: The Cloud G offers a semi-recline function, whilst in the car and on the pushchair, providing a comfortable and secure position for your child during the journey.

Cloud T: If a full recline function is a priority for you, the Cloud T might be the better choice. It allows for a greater range of reclining positions, catering to your baby's specific needs.

Weight + Portability 

Cloud G: Weighing 3.9kg, the Cloud G is slightly lighter than the Cloud T and is an excellent option for parents who value portability without compromising on safety.

Cloud T: At 4.5kg, the Cloud T is a little bit heavier than the Cloud G, but it's premium fabrics, additional recline and ADAC test-winning status may justify the additional weight for some parents


Travel-Friendly Features

Cloud G: Approved for airline use, the Cloud G makes traveling with your baby a breeze, ensuring a seamless transition from car to plane and vice versa.

Cloud T: While not specifically marketed as airline-approved, the Cloud T compensates with its premium fabrics, offering luxurious comfort during both short and long journeys.

Rotation Mechanism 

Both the Cloud T and Cloud G share the same convenient rotation mechanism, making it easy for parents to access their child and secure them in the car seat without straining themselves.

Age Limit + Colour Options 

Both car seats are designed for infants up to 24 months, catering to the crucial early stages of your child's development.

Cloud G: Matches the CYBEX Gold pushchairs (including Balios, Gazelle, Talos and more) , providing a stylish and coordinated look for parents who appreciate a cohesive aesthetic.

Cloud T: Aligns with the CYBEX Platinum pushchair collections (Priam, e-Priam, Coya and more), offering more colour options to suit various preferences.


Breathable Fabric Option

Both the Cloud T and Cloud G are available in the "Plus" fabric version, featuring breathable, premium fabrics for added comfort during warmer seasons.

In the world of baby gear, the choice between the CYBEX Cloud T and Cloud G ultimately depends on your specific preferences and priorities. Whether you prioritise a one-click release system, a full recline function, or a coordinated look with your pushchair, both car seats provide a safe and comfortable environment for your little one. Choose the one that aligns best with your lifestyle and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with CYBEX's commitment to safety and innovation.


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