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Comparing our pregnancy pillows

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As that bump begins to grow, your belly can start to hinder your quality of sleep – a not so ideal situation as this is the time in your life when rest is super important! Restful sleep is essential for you and baby so, many clever product developers have created pregnancy pillows to give support to heavy bumps, swollen limbs, or sore backs.

pregnancy pillows put to the test

Brought to you by bbhugme

Clever developers such as the team of Chiropractors, Pediatricians and Midwives behind the much-loved brand bbhugme have brought pregnant women quality support pillows for many years.  Designed for optimal support, the bbhugme pregnancy pillows are made with sleeping, sitting, lying down and nursing in mind. 

While the versatility of the bbhugme pillow range is loved by many, as with anything, some products may work for you and others may not. Therefore, we’ve rounded up our collection of pregnancy pillows, bringing you all the features of our 4 models by brands bbhugme, Purflo, Belly Bandit and babymoov and what to look out for when choosing the right one for you.

bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

For versatility

bbhuge me pregnancy pillows

The bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow is designed to be easily adjustable, so you can find just the right firmness and shape to support your body. It can be adjusted with two rings at each end while the soft, yet firm pebbles inside the pillow are made from BPA-free silicone. Enabling you to easily mould the pillow to your body, it ensures maximum comfortability for your growing bump.

Also featuring a washable cover which is soft, breathable, and made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex jersey fabric, it can easily fit on and off the pillow and is machine washable at 40c. As well as being OEKO-TEX standard, the materials in the bbhugme are odour-free and naturally anti-bacterial, keeping them fresh and clean for longer.

Not only does the bbhugme offer fantastic support, the scandi-chic design makes them a beautiful home and bedroom accessory. There are a range of colours and patterns to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that suits your bedroom and personality.

Purflo Breathe Pregnancy pillow

For ergonomics

purflo breathe pillow

The Purflo Breathe Pregnancy Pillow's main feature is its ergonomic ‘C’ shaped design, which aims to provide complete support and comfort. Compared with the traditional sausage-shaped pillow, the Purflo Breathe features a “3D spacer mesh” panel right in the middle. The spacer mesh provides full breathability around the bump area and has ultra-soft cotton meshing throughout. The top and bottom of the pillow are curved to support the head, hips, knees, and ankles in all the right places. 

The contoured shape of the Breathe Pregnancy Pillow can also be used beyond pregnancy to provide support during the feeding process as it makes an excellent back support cushion beyond the maternity stage. Plus, the pillow can be used to help support baby during tummy time, helping baby develop strong neck and shoulder muscles and promote motor skills.

The fabric cover choices include colourful botanical and a minimal grey. Better yet, both the inner and outer cover can be machine washed on a gentle setting and left to dry. Perfect to keep your sleep and nursing environment hygienic.

Belly Bandit SOS Pillow

For positioning

belly bandit pregnancy pillow

Designed as the ultimate sleep companion, the Belly Bandit (S)leep (O)n (S)ide pillow keeps you securely in place, on your side to allow for optimal blood flow and oxygen to your baby. As an ultra-compact pillow, it’s ideal for space saving in the bed when you’re already sharing with the growing bump. This means it is most useful to aid sleep in the second and third trimester when you’re at your biggest. 

Developed by obstetrician-gynecologist’s, the S.O.S pillow supports the back whilst lying down on your side, and the inclined front cushion alleviates pressure on the stomach. Made up of 3 pieces, the set includes a belt, back support and pregnancy wedge pillows. Adjustable Velcro tabs accommodate any size or stage too, securely connecting pillows to the belt to avoid potentially dangerous “back” sleeping and instead stable sleeping positioning. Plus, this compact pillow is also great for travel too, not only due to its size, but the set comes with a handy travel case. 

Lastly, the outer cover is machine washable, while the foam filling can be hand washed in cold water – ideal for spillages or washing with your bedsheets.

babymoov Mum & B Maternity Pillow

For compactness

pregnancy pillow for neck

At just 60cm long, the babymoov Mum & B Maternity Pillow is the perfect on the go support cushion that can be easily transported from room to room, in the car and more. Ergonomic and super comfy thanks to its peanut shape and microbead filling, the Mum & B maternity Pillow was created to relieve back pain while lying or seated, support the bump, and raise legs for better blood flow.

Despite being a lightweight and compact pillow, the supportive mould of 100% micro balls makes this pregnancy pillow super malleable but sturdy enough to prop bump up. Perfect for spillages, the cover is fully machine washable and easy to remove with just one zip.

For the maximum comfort and support during sleep, babymoov recommend pairing the Mum & B Maternity pillow with the Dream Belt pregnancy sleeping aid (sold separately). The belt supports mums-to-be’s bump during sleep, with memory foam and stretchy fabrics to mould around baby’s changing shape.





Belly Bandit







Dimensions (cm)

 L150 x H20

L116 x W43


60 x 30 x 12

Weight (kg)





Machine Washable

Yes - cover is machine washable at 40c

Yes - cover machine washable at 40c

Inner can be washed on 30c gentle wash 

Yes - Machine washable cases
Inner foam can be hand wash cold

Yes - Machine washable at 40c

bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow
Purflo Breath Pregnancy Pillow
Belly Bandit SOS Sleep On Side Pillow
babymoov Mum & B Maternity Pillow


Our pregnancy collection houses a variety of different shaped pillows that each offer its own individual benefit. Whether you’re after a sleep specific companion, or an all-rounded support cushion, each model is uniquely designed for specific purposes. For maximum versatility and style, the bbhugme is a great option and well-revered with a large majority of our NBS customers rating it 5 stars!

For a more specifically compact and easy to transport option which is also kinder to the pennies, the Belly Bandit and babymoov Mum & B pillows are brilliant at offering a similar supportive station for your bump all in a smaller package.

Alternatively for specifically ergonomic engineering, the Purflo Breathe Pillow is ideal for expectant mamas in the later stages of pregnancy when support is paramount. 

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