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Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Children

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Why save all the excitement just for the big day? Make Christmas eve magical too by organising an early special delivery from Santa with a Christmas Eve box.

It’s the night before Christmas and we just can’t resist starting Christmas a little early. A Christmas Eve box is a fun way to start the festivities early and treat your family to a small collection of little Christmas themed gifts to get them even more excited for the big day!

Here are a few things that we pop into our little ones Christmas Eve boxes to inspire you too. Let the festivities begin!!

Christmas Eve Box for Children


Festive PJ’s

There is nothing quite like getting into the Christmas spirit than with some festive PJ’s! It’s the perfect way to spend Christmas Eve; all wrapped up and cosy by the fire in your new festive PJ’s. Or you could save them for the big day and let your little ones wear them to bed ready to wake up on Christmas morning looking super cute in their new festive pyjamas ready to get stuck in to their presents that Santa bought.

Christmas Stocking

In our opinion, the Christmas Stocking is the best part of Christmas! We often end up popping these into our little ones Christmas Eve boxes so they can hang them up themselves before they go to bed, ready to be filled up by Santa for the morning.



Christmas Story Book

It’s tricky enough getting your little ones to go to bed on Christmas Eve, so we like putting a Christmas themed story book in their boxes. This makes bed story time a festive themed treat that they can’t wait to get into bed to hear more! 

 Christmas Eve Box for Children


Cosy Comforts

Christmas Eve is all about staying inside as a family, watching Christmas films and enjoying some special time together before the madness of Christmas day. We love filling our boxes with cosy winter warmers such as socks and blankets to make sofa time extra toasty.


Festive Friend

Why not add a new festive cuddly toy to become their best friend before the big day. Pick a festive themed toy to add that extra Christmas magic to play time such as a to watch over them as they sleep. Plus, it can help distract them from all the other presents that are reserved for Christmas Day.


Sounds of Christmas

In a world of screens, parents love the child-friendly, interactive alternative to entertainment that both Tonies and Yoto offer with portable, easy-to-use audio players. Designed to encourage the imagination of little ones, audio players are paving the way for independent play time so, it comes as no surprise why they’re on many Christmas lists this year.


Christmas eve boxes are a great way to start the magic of Christmas early. Fill them with these small but perfect gifts to get your little ones ready for the big day!

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