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Changing Bag Essentials

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Babies need a lot of stuff when out and about; nappies, wipes, bottles, bibs, clothing and some more nappies and we’ve not even started on the things that Mum or Dad need! Leaving the house, even for a quick pop to the shops, can feel like you’re packing for a week-long holiday. But fear not, we want to literally cut through the clutter and show you what we believe are the essentials, helping you get rid of the “just in case items” we are all guilty of packing in our changing bags.

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The IT bag

It goes without saying, the right bag will make your life so much easier. You want a bag that works as hard as you do, not one that makes your life harder than it already is. Some parents choose to use a normal bag, rucksack or large bag instead of a specific changing bag. This is fine, whatever works for you, however in our experience we do find changing bags go that extra mile in helping you organise baby life. Most changing bags come with handy features such as changing mats, bottle holders, handy storage compartments and pockets perfect for organising, they also tend to include a long strap so you can hang the bad over the handles of your pushchair.

Changing bags have come a long way from the functional but frumpy designs there used to be on the market. Now changing bags have officially become cool with the help from brands such as Tiba + Marl and Storksak. These brands have made it possible for Mums and Dads to make a statement with their changing bags, which means you don’t have to compromise on your personal style just because you are now a parent. We offer a huge selection of functional, fashionable and practical changing bags for you to find your perfect one.

 Changing Bag Essentials


Feeding Supplies

The amount of feeding supplies you will need to take with you in your changing bag depends if you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding your little one and also which stage or age they are. If you are breastfeeding then you don’t need to take that much with you other than breast pads to avoid any leaks whilst you are out (we’ve all been there and it’s not a good look!) Additionally, if you are concerned about privacy whilst feeding on the move you could always pack a breastfeeding scarf or cover.

If your little one is bottle fed then you will need to be prepared and take enough formula with you for the duration of your trip. Check out our range of feeding bottles here. This is where the thermal bottle compartment of your changing bag comes in handy. If your bag doesn’t have one of these you can buy them separately to pop in your bag. 

For those who have started the weening journey, you will need to take a bit more with you compared to earlier stages. Take with you the amount of food they will need dependant on the length of your trip, you can store their meals in babymoov’s reusable Foodii pouches if your little one is on purée. If they have progressed to more solid foods, babymoov also offer handy storage pots perfect for feeding on the go!

To protect your clothing against spills or accidents pack the muslins! These are so handy to have in your bag, Muslin squares can act as a protection for your clothes, can mop up any spills or dribbles and they are also durable and washable. They fold up so small taking up very little of the precious space in your bag. You will thank your self later!

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Changing supplies

Changing nappies is so much easier at home where you have everything you could possibly need all laid out in reachable distance and everything can all be disposed of easily. Changing time is always going to be a little trickier out and about but with a few essential supplies to help make it can be a breeze. The amount of nappies you need to pack really depends on how long you plan going out for. As a ball part figure I would suggest 1 an hour, with 1 spare for good measure.

Packing a change mat will be a huge saviour at changing time. This is handy when you find yourself in a public changing station with less than favourable cleaning standards, or if you need to perform an emergency change in the back seat of your car, or on the grass of your local park. Some changing bags will have one incorporated in the design of the bag or come with one, if not you can buy one separately. Our selection of portable changing mats are practical but super fashionable.

Baby wipes will also become your best friend when you are changing nappies out and about. They make cleaning up quicker and easier. We use the TotsBots reusable bamboo wipes instead of the disposable options. This way we help prevent thousands of wipes ending up in landfill, save money and protect baby’s smooth skin. Make sure you take washable bag with you to place any dirty wipes in so you can wash them when you get home ready to be used next time!

 Portable Changing Mats


Back up clothes

Babies are generally messy little things meaning a change of clothes are essential to pack in your changing bag when you are leaving the house. Be ready for anything from milk spit up, sickness, food spillages and even poop explosions, yes, we went there but it’s happened to all of us at some point and it’s best to be prepared. Pack a spare change of clothes ready to do a quick outfit change in case of an emergency, along with a spare bib.

To make sure you don’t dirty your new chic changing bag, pack a waterproof bag to place the soiled clothes in, your dirty wipes could also go in here ready for the wash. The Close Pop-in Stuff Sack is the ideal solution, the perfect addition to any changing bag, simply roll the top and clip to keep everything locked inside until it’s time for the wash.

 Changing Bag Essentials


Keep them entertained

It’s always a good idea to pack their favourite toy with you wherever you go, you never know when their trusty comforter may be needed to help soothe them. Don’t bring their whole toy box with you, be sensible and try to choose their smallest toy which will take up minimal space but will do the job of entertaining them or offer them that little bit of extra comfort if they get upset.

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Don’t forget about you!

It’s not all about the kids, don’t forget to also pack the essentials for Mum and Dad as well. Remember food and water for yourselves, if you are breastfeeding you will need to keep up your calorie intake and hydration. Make sure to pack a snack and a bottle of water.

Hand sanitiser is also always handy to have. Soap isn’t always available so a small bottle of hand gel is useful to have to use after nappy changes and takes up no space at all. We also like to pack a small first aid kit for those emergencies, of course this is dependant on the type of trip you are heading out for, a trip to Tesco shouldn’t require emergency supplies but it’s always best to be safe. The babymoov Care Kit is a compact kit that has all the essential baby care accessories you need for home and travel. 

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We've all been there, struggling to find that one item we need urgently at the bottom of our over stuffed changing bag. These are our top essential products that we wouldn't leave the house without. The key to changing bag heaven is to keep it simple and keep it organised.

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