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Celebrating World Breast Pumping Day

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Today is World Breast Pumping Day, and we could not be more excited!

To commemorate this special day which recognises the incredible benefits of breast pumping for both mamas and their little ones, we’re proudly partnering with Lola&Lykke to promote how breastfeeding can deepen family bonds.

From providing nutrition tailored specifically to infants' needs throughout their feeding journey - right up to helping dads and SO's join in on the intimate part of early parenting, we're making sure the importance of breast pumping isn't overlooked.

Let's take a moment to recognise what it brings to families across the world...

world breast pump day

History of breast pumping

Motherhood has had a long and inspiring journey, yet breast pumping had only become a part of this story since the 19th century.

Breast pumps were initially used for medical purposes to help newborns who were too small or struggling to nurse however by 1991 electric-powered pumps became available outside of hospitals and revolutionised how expressing mamas could care for their little one's needs.

2017 marked a special occasion in motherly celebration when Canadian woman Wendy Armbruster established World Breast Pumping Day to bring joy and recognition to those around the world who use breast pumps every day!

The benefits of breast pumping for you and baby

Over the years, the benefits of breast pumping have been observed by medical professionals and experts alike. Some of these benefits have included:


Breast pumping not only promotes good health for both baby and mamas who express, but it also helps to reduce stress and ease engorgement, which can make breastfeeding more comfortable.

Prevent mastitis 

Pumping has also been found to help prevent mastitis; a condition that can cause pain in the breasts due to an increase in milk production.

Increase milk supply

For some, pumping after each breastfeeding session can also be a great way to help ensure an ample milk supply which is beneficial for stocking up for baby and reassuring parents if there are concerns about reserves running low. This can in turn help little ones get more milk and encourage better nutrition.

benefits of breast pumping

Control over timing

Breast pumps are also an invaluable tool for those nursing while at work or out and about and need their expressed milk during these hours and don't feel comfortable breastfeeding. 


Finally, it also gives those who nurse peace of mind knowing that if they need to be away and can't feed their baby directly, there will always be enough milk on hand for others to help from stored milk supply.

Lola&Lykke on family bonding

Lola&Lykke understands the importance of everyone coming together to provide a nurturing, loving environment for our little ones. They recognise that becoming a parent is not only an incredible transformative journey for mothers but also for fathers and partner too. Simply put, parenthood takes more than just one person.

That's why, this World Breast Pump Day and beyond, we're highlighting the emotional benefits that breast pumping brings to the whole family...

Benefits for Dad or SO

Expressing breast milk into bottles gives partners a chance to share the feeding experience while also helping with bottle-feeding duties like storing expressed milk.

It provides dads and partners that chance to bond with their little one through feeding time - something they may not be able to do when mamas choose to exclusively breastfeed.

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How to get involved with World Breast Pumping Day

Whether you’re looking into investing in a breast pump or searching for ways to get involved with World Breast Pumping Day activities near you, we encourage you to explore your options and join us in celebration. You can do this by taking up one of the following:

1. Share your pumping story

As a pumping mama or someone just getting started, you've taken on an amazing challenge - one that deserves to be celebrated! Share your stories and become part of the proud collective of parents.

2. Reach out

Connect with others who are breastfeeding and pumping and offer a listening ear. Being an encouraging friend on the other side of their struggles can let them know that they have what it takes to overcome any challenges with breast pumping!

3. Surprise a mama

Show your appreciation for pumping mamas everywhere and give the gift of their very own breast pump! Not only will she feel thankful for this generous gesture, but you’ll also get that extraordinary satisfaction from doing something kind. It's sure to be an unbeatable win-win situation!

breast pump starter kit

Want to get started?

If you're considering breastfeeding but want to enjoy the benefits of breast pumping too, we love Lola & Lykke's Breastfeeding Starter Kit.

This award-winning pumping kit is nothing shy of a parenting saviour to help start out on your breastfeeding journey. The breast pump, which features smart touch screen technology and digital display features allow for easy tracking and recording of your pumping sessions, giving you the support you need to achieve the breastfeeding experience you've always dreamt about.

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