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Celebrating 50 years of closeness with BabyBjörn

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BabyBjörn are celebrating 50 years since their first ever baby carrier, Close To Heart began to help parents on their journey with babywearing and the love, comfort and closeness that it brings. 

Their “50 years of closeness” anniversary campaign celebrates their iconic baby carriers and the importance of being close with your baby. 

We're joining them on this anniversary campaign to share all the benefits of closeness and why so many parents have fallen in love with the iconic range of BabyBjörn's baby carriers...

babybjorn 50 years of closeness

Why we're celebrating BabyBjörn

BabyBjorn is a heartwarming Swedish family business that strives to bring families with young children closer together. Their quality, timeless designs are focused on creating safe products and make daily life easier for everyone involved - enabling parents everywhere to cherish every moment spent together.

Concept of babywearing 

For generations, parents have a deep desire to be close with their babies. However when BabyBjörn unveiled their first baby carrier in 1973 - Close To Heart, the concept of carrying had been forgotten in Western society.

Thankfully by the 90’s, demand surged in line with their Original Carrier which sparked a renewed interest amongst families who began to recognise how important it is for developing strong relationships between parent or guardian and child.

Nowadays, BabyBjorn and their ever-growing community exists dedicated towards keeping this traditional practice alive - one where love grows as little ones are safely held near!

benefits of closeness with baby

Benefits of closeness

From cuddles to hugs, skin-to-skin contact is more than just a sweet moment with your little one. Studies have shown that it can positively impact your baby's health in both the short and long term, from stabilsing their heart rate and breathing habits to improving oxygen uptake levels!

But even beyond all these tangible benefits - no studies are available on how meaningful such moments of physical connection can be for babies after birth.

Closeness between you and your baby, creating bonds through physical contact and beginning at any age and with either parent. From feeling the warmth of mum or dad’s embrace to hearing their calming voice as it eases little one's into sleep - this type of connection establishes an unbreakable bond that will last for years, a magical moment in time.

BabyBjörn baby carriers

For over four decades, BabyBjörn's iconic baby carriers are an integral part of treasured moments for families welcoming their little ones with style and comfort. Discover some of their modern collection, available to shop at Natural Baby Shower today... 

babybjorn founder

Baby Carrier Mini

This soft and cosy carrier is small enough to carry precious newborns and designed for the first moments of close bonding with a baby and parent. It's easy to use for frequent yet short babywearing sessions and can easily unfasten the entire front section of the baby carrier to lift out your sleeping newborn whenever you need.

Baby Carrier Harmony

For superior support in super soft mesh the iconic BabyBjorn Harmony carrier is the comfortable yet versatile model from BabyBjorn. With a wide seat area, adjustable head support, and padded back and shoulder support, it really looks after the babywearer - you! 

babybjorn harmony

Baby Carrier Move

Great support shouldn't come at the price of ease, so the BabyBjorn Move carrier is the all-encompassing carrier for parents wanting stress-free travels with their baby close by. The built-in back support, waist belt and padded shoulder straps provide pressure relief for you while head support, leg position and length are adjustable, giving the correct support for baby.

Baby Carrier One

Your everyday reliable carrier, the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One is both sturdy and supportive with 4 carrying positions and boasts a longer life cycle, carrying from newborn to 3 years old. The soft and ergonomic fabrics are a great baby-wearing choice, and helping to strengthen your parent-child bond from day one.

Babybjorn One carrier

Closeness and safety

We love that BabyBjorn are more than a baby and child carrier brand, they care so much about safety, babywearing and sustainability which is why their 50th anniversary campaign is a special moment to reflect on the products they create.

Because we're never ones to shy away from the safety and eco efforts of our brands, our lovely team of nursery specialists can provide a step by step baby carrier fitting service or live product demo to answer all your questions on what makes BabyBjorn so special! 

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