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Bugaboo Fox 5 vs Fox Cub Pushchair Comparison

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Every one of Bugaboo’s pushchairs are unique – just like our little ones. From the Butterfly to the Donkey and Dragonfly, each stroller has its own personality and features that make it special.

Their iconic Fox 5 pushchair is known for its ultra-smooth ride and adjustable suspension, and is crafted with both you and baby in mind.

At NBS, we are pleased to introduce you to the Bugaboo Fox Cub, which is the newest addition to our Bugaboo collection. The Fox cub shares many of the same features as the Fox 5, with a few key points of comparison, so let’s take a look at their similarities and differences to help you make the right decision for you and your little cubs.

Fox 5

The Bugaboo Fox 5 Pushchair is known to be the ultimate all-terrain pushchair for a safe and ultra-smooth ride. An advanced driving experience and full suspension with XL wheels makes it the perfect choice for any terrain, whether you’re heading out for a day trip in the city, or a long walk in the countryside.

Crafted with both you and your little one in mind, the Fox 5 features a one hand fold and unfold mechanism, that also allows you to easily adjust the handlebar or recline the seat in seconds. This makes it easy to hop on and off public transport or get in and out of the car fuss free.

The Fox 5 has an extendable toddler seat that grows with your little one to keep them comfortable from newborn up until around four years.

Find out more about the Bugaboo Fox 5.

Fox Cub

The Fox Cub could be considered the “little brother” of the Fox 5 stroller and is also an excellent choice for parents who are looking for an all-terrain travel option at a lower price.

This pushchair is packed full of essentials for everyday adventures, including advanced suspension, great manoeuvrability, and spacious storage. The Fox Cub will make sure you and your little one are ready for all kinds of adventures from day one.

The Fox Cub is also lightweight at only 9.6kg and has a one-piece self-standing fold or a two-piece compact fold for ultimate convenience and ease.

Key differences

Both the Fox 5 and the Fox Cub have a high safety standard, which ensures that you and your little one can count on a safe and secure adventure, wherever the journey takes you. While the Fox 5 comes with a range of comfort features, such as a breathable 3D mattress, the ability to operate everything with one hand, and even easier manoeuvrability, the Fox Cub comes with simple standard features. However, this shouldn’t detract from the performance of the Cub. The Fox Cub gives you everything you need for a smooth ride, just without the extra feel of luxury that comes with the Fox 5.


  • The Fox 5 offers a comfort harness with extra soft padding, where the Fox Cub just offers a comfort harness.
  • The Fox Cub has a seat height of 56cm, whereas the Fox is 60cm.
  • The Fox 5 is made from brushed fabrics, the Fox Cub is made from semi-brushed fabrics.
  • The Fox 5 features a one-handed fold, where the Fox Cub requires two hands.
  • The Breezy Bassinet is compatible with the Fox 5 but not the Fox Cub.
  • The front and rear wheels are smaller on the Fox Cub.
  • The Fox Cub has an under-seat basket capacity of 10kg with no extendable flaps whereas the Fox 5's can expand.
  • The Fox Cub has a fixed seat and cannot be extended like the Fox 5 can.

We hope this handy guide has helped you to differentiate between these two fantastic pushchairs so you can choose the one that meets the needs of your growing family. 

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