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BeSafe iZi Turn B i-Size Review

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BeSafe are world-renowned leaders in developing high-quality car seats for children that are not only safe for your little one, but comfy and stylish too. From humble beginnings over 100 years ago, they have always been at the forefront of development and are constantly adapting to parent's modern lifestyles.

The BeSafe iZi Turn B i-Size Car Seat is an easy-access rotation seat that combines a baby seat and toddler seat into one by featuring the unique BeSafe Baby Shell™ and Newborn Hugger™. It provides safer rotation from birth and features a Baby-Secure Swivel™ which prevents forward-facing use while the Baby Shell is in place but expands to full 360° flexibility for older children up to 4 years old.

The iZi Turn B i-Size car seat has a wealth of safety features such as the Dynamic Force Absorber providing innovative side impact protection and Universal Level Technology which ensures comfortable journeys in any car.  

Parent tester - Leeann Thomson 

My little boy Max and I were very excited to try out the BeSafe car seat to review. Prior to having this car seat my little boys dad had purchased a very basic car seat and we had many concerns but this car seat has really impressed me.

BeSafe izi Turn B

Firstly the car arrived on time and was actually delivered to a neighbour, the packaging itself was great, very secure and well wrapped, one thing I will say is it is very heavy so it’s a two man job to lift the car seat into the house. On opening the car seat it came with a card showing step by step how to set up and secure in place, the car not only shows step by step but the laminated card also has a QR code that can be scanned which directs you to handy videos for every single step - a fabulous idea. Once secured however the 360 rotation is ideal for new mums    who maybe have had a c-section as there's no stretching into the car to secure baby.

BeSafe izi turn b

The car seat is isofix but requires no seat belt to be attached at the back. Another feature is a front leg with a handy spirit level to make sure the car seat is secure and in position and goes green when in place plus, the seat features an alarm that beeps if the car seat isn’t in its correct position. The car seat was made to a very high standard and the colour was as expected however one feature I think would have made this seat even better would be a drinks holder for my little one.

Once fitted it’s so easy to use. There is a fantastic newborn insert which we removed as max is a little older but the seat was so easy to control and can be positioned either rear or forward facing. Max loves to see what’s going on so we chose forward facing and I felt comfortable him being forward facing as the headrest comes right round enough that his head has plenty protection and the top of the straps are weighted to sit gently onto the child and has grips so they don’t move!

BeSafe Izi Turn B

I couldn’t live without this product now the 360 movement and ease of getting Max in and out the seat were the best thing it’s changed my experience with car trips as well I feel Max is and looks much safer his head stays in place even when sleeping. This product has changed my life, I'd recommend this car seat to anyone!

Parent tester - Louise Smith

We were so excited to receive this new seat to try out, knowing that Hudson was going to grow out of the one we already have at some point, I couldn't wait to see a seat which would take a baby all the way from birth to age 4. 

The box arrived extremely quickly as we didn't have to wait long for delivery at all. It arrived in perfect condition, well packaged and I was well notified of when we should expect it. The box was huge, but I was expecting this knowing that it contained an entire car seat and base. When we opened it up, I was impressed at how well packed and safe the car seat was in the box, without it being too much (sometimes I feel you get too much packaging!). 

BeSafe izi Turn b i size

I decided to do the whole thing myself, so that I got a true feel of how simple it was to put together and I was pleasantly surprised. There wasn't too many parts in the box and I was able to lift it out with ease - although it was a little heavy, but still manageable. The instructions that were on the seat made it incredibly straightforward and within a matter of minutes I had the whole thing clicked into our isofix. There are clear things that come together to ensure it's in place, all of the buttons turn green, and the base stops beeping, so you feel confident that you are putting your baby into a safe environment.

I also love the spirit level feature on the base - you put the feet of the seat up until the spirit is level, something I've not seen on seats before, and again something to help you feel confident as a parent that your baby is safe. 

The seat itself is lovely, it looks very cosy and Hudson loves sleeping in it. The colours match our car beautifully and it looks very sturdy, with a lot of security around the baby to ensure he is safe. Compared with our previous car seat, he is much higher up in the car, which he loves as he can see out of the window better. The spin makes it so much simpler to use than a car seat that would be just fixed facing backwards, as I can put him in and check the seatbelts before turning him to face the back of the car. 

I can only see a couple of areas of improvement. Firstly, if you are someone who likes to take your baby out and about in a car seat, or leave them to sleep in it when getting out of the car, you cannot do this with this car seat. However, this is also an added safety feature, as they should be moved out of a car seat as often as possible when not in the car. I also think once you get to a certain age (probably around 6 months), they get too heavy to carry in the car seat anyway, and therefore this will save you a lot of money by only having to buy 1 car seat from day 1. Secondly, the straps on the seat are like a backpack, rather than over the shoulder, so you do need to manoeuvre in their arms which can be tricky if you are trying to do transfer. 

BeSafe izi Turn B

Overall I would say that this car seat feels luxurious, and incredibly safe. I would feel confident that if we were to have an accident, my baby is protected in the best way possible, and ultimately that is what you want from a car seat. The Be Safe iZi Turn B i-Size car seat most certainly ticks a lot of boxes, and we would definitely buy it again. 

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