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Behind the Design with Maxi-Cosi

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Welcome to our Maxi-Cosi Pro 360 Family Line spotlight! We're thrilled to be a part of the launch of the ultra-innovative SlideTech technology. Now, we're taking a closer look with Nicola from Maxi-Cosi to find out what this means for parents and their little ones...

The FamilyFix 360 Pro line by Maxi-Cosi features two brand new car seats designed for the ultimate comfort of babies and toddlers. Discover more how the Pebble 360 Pro and Pearl 360 Pro offer unique extended recline positions for the best sleeping position possible.

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Maxi-Cosi Pro 360 Family Car Seats

Introducing the FamilyFix 360 Pro series, featuring two brand new car seats designed to provide the most comfortable sleeping position for babies and toddlers. The Pebble 360 Pro and Pearl 360 Pro boast exclusive extended recline positions, ensuring maximum comfort for your little ones.

What sets Maxi-Cosi Pro 360 Family Line car seats apart is their focus on the health and wellbeing of both parent and child. Experts in independent healthcare have endorsed the two seats for supporting spinal and locomotor systems, earning them the Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) Seal of Approval. 

Maxi-Cosi Pebble Pro 360

The Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro Car Seat is the ultimate car seat for new parents! Designed from birth to 15 months, this new line seat offers unbeatable convenience, comfort, and safety in one sleek package, ensuring a smooth ride for both you and your bundle of joy.

Featuring innovative SlideTech technology, you can easily lock, slide, spin, and go with just one hand! No more struggling with awkward positions or back pain - the Pebble 360 Pro lets you effortlessly spin the base towards you to make getting in and out a breeze.

The Pebble 360 Pro features three different recline positions to help keep their airways open while they snooze. Plus, the full lie-flat position is perfect for newborns who need a little extra support.

Pair the Pebble 360 Pro with the rotating FamilyFix 360 pro-slide-out base (sold separately) to smoothly slide and rotate your little one closer to you - making your life easier every day!

maxi cosi pebble pro


Maxi-Cosi Pearl Pro 360

the Maxi-Cosi Pearl 360 Pro Car Seat is equally impressive for hassle-free transport of your little one. As a group 0/1 car seat, it can grow with your little one from birth until 4 years old and also features the revolutionary SlideTech technology. 

Comfort is key with the grow-with-me Pearl Pro, and this sleek car seat offers five recline positions to ensure your little one's comfort from infancy to the age of four. The easy harness system also ensures that your child is safely secured with minimal fuss.

Lastly, as Maxi-Cosi prides itself on its commitment to superior comfort and safety standards, the Pearl 360 Pro Car Seat is no exception. It's officially the only baby and toddler car seat on the market that rotates and slides towards you, eliminating the need for any strain when loading or unloading your little one from the car!

Meet SlideTech 

Q&A with Nicola Coletti, Senior Field Marketer at Maxi-Cosi

What is your role at Maxi-Cosi?

    I am Senior Field Marketeer, which means that alongside the rest of our wonderful Marketing team, I look after all things marketing from PR and influencers, to in store, online, baby shows and retailer events.

    How would you best describe Maxi-Cosi Design?

    I’d describe Maxi-Cosi design as innovative, iconic and considered. Every design decision we make has a reason and is thoroughly thought out. We have an expert team of designers that consider every detail in our products, be that the interior structure, the labelling, the stitching or the fabrics. We are known for our innovation and creativity in car seats, and the products of today could look very different without it.

    maxi cosi pearl 360

    How did Maxi-Cosi use its history of car-seat innovation to develop the 360 Pro Family product line?

      We have always been the market leaders in innovation, so research and development is a constant for us. We were the first brand to bring out an infant carrier car seat back in 1985, the first to invent a 360° rotating seat with our AxissFix in 2006, and the first to bring out a ‘car seat family’ with the 2way Family back in 2009.

      We also brought out the first modular car seat back in 2019 with Coral. Innovating is at the heart and soul of what we do, but not just for the sake of it. We are known to come up with genuine solutions to genuine issues, and the 360 Pro Family is no exception here.

      How has safety been integrated into the design process of the Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family line?

        Safety is at the core of everything we do at Maxi-Cosi and integral to every design. Before any of the new features, we need to ensure that the safety is there. Our car seats are known for going above and beyond the latest i-Size standards and the 360 Pro Family is no exception here. Once we can ensure that we have the safety elements considered, we can turn our attention to the innovations.

        The 360 Pro Family maximises the best of our existing safety features including G-CELL and AirProtect and combines comfort and convenience for the ultimate car seat family. It truly is revolutionary sliding car seat technology that makes every day life easier.

        comfort maxi cosi

        The Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family line is described as ‘The Future of Car Seats’ what does this mean?

          In short, we really believe that the technology in the new 360 Pro Family will become the norm in car seats of the future. When we came up with the SlideTech™ concept, it was always with parents in mind. We know the struggles and we know how much easier this solution will make getting a child into a car.

          The hope is that parents will expect sliding technology from all of their car seats in the future, in the same way that so many now expect 360° rotation.

          Tell us about sustainable innovation and how it also plays a part in Maxi-Cosi’s design process?

            Sustainability is a huge factor for us and is something that we always consider as part of our research and development. We designed the 360 Pro Family with future-proofing in mind. In 2021 we introduced Mica Pro Eco, our first car seat made with EcoCare, a 100% recycled fabric which uses recycled plastic bottles to make the fabrics of the car seat. Since then, we have rolled out EcoCare in all of our new Home Equipment, new car seats and by the end of the year it will be across all new products in our portfolio. While it may only be a small step into eco-friendly nursery products, it is a great one.

            Maxi-Cosi have introduced a brand-new feature - SlideTech™ technology, what influenced this design?

              As a company, we are constantly listening to consumer feedback and looking at consumer data and trends to ensure that we are producing exactly what parents need. Consumer opinion is an integral part of our learning, so we never take that for granted.

              As part of our research, we looked at the data around what is missing from car seats and how much of a struggle it can be getting little ones into the car. From our research we know that over 90% of parents with children aged 0-4 experience physical discomfort, such as backache and head bumps, when taking their children in and out of their car seats*.   

              We already have 360° rotation almost as standard now, but what was the next step here? How can we help parents backs even more? The obvious thing for us was to stop the bending down that can really put pressure on backs. That’s where SlideTech™ came in.

              *Panelinzicht, December 2022. An online survey was sent out to 400 parents across France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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              Curious to Learn More?

              Our nursery specialists are here to answer any questions you may have about the Maxi-Cosi Pro 360 line. Connect with us through our convenient chat function or opt for a one-way video call for a live, personal look from the comfort of your own home! 

              Join the event

              Alternatively, if you're able to commute to our Surrey store, we're hosting two car seat events which feature the revolutionary launch of SlideTech technology. Join us on May 20th to see this live and in person!

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