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Behind the Design with CYBEX

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Leaders in child safety, CYBEX have been creating pioneering car seats, pushchairs and carriers since 2005. Their meticulous design and high-quality finish is one of the the reasons CYBEX have won over 450 awards, especially with their stylish hero products; CYBEX PRIAM and MIOS pushchairs and Cloud Z car seat. 

So, with the undeniable quality of CYBEX's product portfolio, we wanted to go behind the design with their most recent, revolutionary car seat - the Anoris T i-Size, to discover why it's making waves in the industry and for all the right reasons! Let's take a look...

CYBEX Anoris T i-Size

For all the sharp-eyed CYBEX fans, you may have noticed the Anoris name is a backwards anagram for their best-selling Sirona car seat. So, it comes as no surprise that the unique design of the Anoris T i-Size is to keep little riders super safe but in a forward facing position. 

The CYBEX Anoris T i-Size combines innovative airbag protection with all the comfort of being able to watch your little one in the rear view mirror. It's just one of the reasons why it's been recognised to offer up to 50% higher safety levels (when compared to a forward-facing harness child seat in a frontal crash). Yet, there's so much more to be hailed with this revolutionary car seat - some of the key features you'll find include...

Innovative technology

The innovative airbag technology protects little ones in a collision and delivers unparalleled protection. The full body bag inflates within milliseconds, forming a C-shape around baby with the impact shield helping to reduce abdominal pressure.

Comfort + communication

With forward-facing seats, parents can have unobstructed easy communication with their little one! The CYBEX Anoris T i-Size forward facing design means there's no need to sacrifice on comfort for growing limbs too, as it offers more leg room than their rear-facing counterparts.

With 3 recline settings a little one can enjoy riding safely while awake and asleep during short naps plus, with the easily accessible adjustment handle, you can manoeuvre your little one in and out without needing to wake or disturb them!

Safety in detail

Did you know, side crashes make up for around a quarter of all road accidents? That's why the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size features advanced linear side-impact protection. This reduces the side-impact force by up to 20% and instead, transferring into the seats’ energy-absorbing shell headrest via protectors. Better yet, the protectors fold out automatically before installation so there's no need to worry about safety on set up. 

The intuitive buckle system means there’s no more struggling with awkward seatbelts, simply click and tighten the strap to fit your growing little one and you’re ready to go.

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Q&A with Luke Burns, CYBEX General Manager UK / Ireland 

Although we know all that the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size has to offer, we wanted to find out everything that went into creating this revolutionary car seat. So, we spoke to the team at CYBEX to get all the details first-hand. From engineering new airbag technology to implementing core company principles, Luke tells all...

What is your role at CYBEX? 

I am the General Manager for CYBEX in the UK and Ireland. I was the chairman of the Baby Products Association for 10 years between 2009 and 2019, continuing until present day on their executive board as their Car Seat Expert having worked in the Car Seat industry for 30 years now.

How would you best explain CYBEX design?

Design is at the heart of everything we do, but we also follow our D.S.F principle, which is Design, Safety and Functionality.

The Research and Development team look at design innovations, fabrics, stitching patterns and how things work functionally making things as easy as possible for parents.

How is the safety of a product integrated into CYBEX design?

The international team of CYBEX child safety experts draw on years of experience to ensure continuous safety progress is made. During the product development stage, the CYBEX team employs the D.S.F. innovation principle – combining contemporary design with superior safety, quality, and intelligent functionality. In addition, various patents have been developed specifically in the core areas of child safety.

The Anoris T i-Size is described as "A new way forward" - what does this mean?

A new way forward has a few meanings. Firstly it’s a bit of a play on words as the Anoris T is a forward facing car seat. It is also making reference to the advance in technology with this being ‘a new way forward’ for the industry, taking car seat safety to the next level.

Talk to us about the revolutionary airbag technology and how this addition come about in the design process?

Over 15 years ago, Martin Pos, our founder began thinking about a seat offering all-around protection to children even in forward-facing seating positions...

"For decades, airbags have been part of the safety equipment of vehicles aimed to protect adults from serious injuries in the event of an accident. Due to the tireless work of our development team and the availability of new technologies, we are now definitely proud to have received clear recognition from ADAC and StiWa for our technological achievement thanks to this historic result.


“Protecting young children has always been a challenge. Compared to the body, their head is large and heavy with a neck musculature which not fully developed.”, says head of development Franz Peleska. “In the event of a frontal impact, the child is cushioned by the large surface area of the airbag and held within the safety zone of the seat before any significant forward displacement occurs. And above all, the sensitive head and neck areas remain perfectly protected.”

It's an incredible achievement to have been awarded the best child car seat ever tested in its class by ADAC, can you tell us more about the safety of this car seat?

The forward-facing Anoris T i-Size has been awarded as the best child car seat ever tested in its class according to Stiftung Warentest and ADAC. The first seat with an integrated full-body airbag achieved in the category “Kleinkind plus Kind” an unprecedented overall score of 1.5 as well as a top score of 0.9 in crash safety and 1.2 in the overall category “safety”. The test results illustrate the advantages of this new airbag technology with the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size demonstrating a better performance even compared to conventional rear-facing seats.

The actual test rating for crash performance from the ADAC, ÖAMTC, Stiftung Warentest and TCS was 0.9 – a score never before seen in the test’s history. In addition to the fantastic ADAC score, thanks to the front-facing orientation of the Anoris T i-Size, the seat offers increased passive safety by maintaining the driver’s focus front-facing, parents can fully interact with their children, seeing and communicating with them through the rearview mirror.

Moreover, the Anoris T i-Size is more comfortable on longer car rides offering sufficient freedom of movement even for larger children up to 6 years old (2 years longer than a comparable conventional child car seat) . Even on trips lasting several hours, older children have room to stretch their legs without feeling constrained.

The Anoris T i-Size is easy to install and actively supports parents in ensuring optimal installation with LED indicators and audio signals. In addition, an onboard safety assistant informs parents if any link in the safety chain has been missed while getting the child secured in the car seat.

The seat, approved according to the UN R129/03 standard, is suitable for children up to the age of six. It grows with children thanks to its simple and intuitive adaptability, starting from a height of 76 cm and going up to a height of 115 cm and a maximum of 21 kilograms. Furthermore, parents can choose between three sitting and lying positions for their child.

Want to know more?

Connect with one of our nursery specialists if you have any questions on the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size car seat. You can do this either through our chat function or via one-way video call, where you can see the Anoris T i-Size live in person and all from the comfort of your own home!