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Babywearing is for everyone!

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Ergobaby's expert Babywearing Consultant, Amanda Loveday, is here to tell you all about the wonders of babywearing and why it's great! Read her blog post below... 

Babywearing is for everyone. Whether you’re a first time mum who wants precious skin to skin time with their first born or a mum of 3 who wants to keep their youngest addition away from the boisterous games of older siblings, wearing baby in a carrier or wrap gives you peace of mind. Not only that, but it gives you your hands to continue with the everyday.

Babywearing is for everyone!

Wearing your baby creates a stronger, closer bond between you and helps with naptimes and also assists you with parenting older children.

Some parents feel as though they will not be able to give as much attention to their older child when their second baby arrives, but with babywearing you have the freedom to cuddle and play just like before. There just happens to be a contented baby there with you!

Getting to grips with parenthood can be tough, especially when you are tied to the side of a moses basket watching your newborn nap, torn between tending to their every whimper and trying to tend to the mountain of housework rising around you. Using a baby carrier gives you the freedom to move around the house like you used to, safe in the knowledge that your baby is snuggled into your chest.

Babywearing is for everyone!

Things as simple as grocery shopping suddenly become a little daunting. Suddenly your asking yourself : “Can I push the stroller and a trolley?” Nope…

“I can put the car seat in the trolley… but then where is the shopping going to fit?!”

With a carrier, it’s simple. You can happily weave through the aisles, soothing baby and picking up all the essentials as you go.

Babywearing makes daily walks with older children or dogs just as fun as they used to be, with you having the freedom to go where your feet take you, not being confined to footpaths like you might be with a stroller. All the while baby is content knowing they are close to you and you are there to quickly respond to baby’s cues.

Babywearing is for everyone!

How to choose the right carrier? It all depends on your needs: adult’s shape and size, baby’s shape and size, age and stage of development, where you intend on using it and what for, whether you prefer a wrap or a buckle carrier and then the colour, style and look!

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