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babymoov Hygro+ Humidifier = a must have nursery investment

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The perfect nursery starts with a clean and safe environment for baby. While we are increasingly aware of outdoor pollution, it’s easy to forget about common hazards in the home that can impact on the quality of air inside of them. Fire-fuelled appliances, treated furnishings, dust, candles and cleaning products are just some of the items that will contribute to two thirds of the air you and your family breath in every day.

Providing the ultimate protection for your developing newborn or young child when sensitivity is at its highest, the Hygro+ Humidifier by babymoov offers the perfect, easy solution to indoor air pollution:


babymoov hygro humidifier“We love the Hygro+ and use it every night. Even my husband – who suffers with hayfever - has said he’s noticed a real difference too when we’ve used it ourselves and his snoring is so much better, too! The cool mist output is great with the heat and the fact it lasts all night is impressive.”

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babymoov Hygro+ Humidifier = a must have nursery investment


These are 7 reasons why the Hygro+ Humidifier will be your most valued nursery investment – for baby and the whole family:


  • Regulates air temperature and humidity level, around the clock

The built-in thermometer and hygrometer measure the air conditions around baby. With both automatic and manual controls, the Hygro+ regulates your desired conditions, night and day. Hygro+ can run for 22 hours and will automatically turn off when water levels get too low, ensuring the product is totally safe when unattended. Simply refill the tank again.


  • Easy to use

The digital display showing the humidity rate, temperature and time allows you to keep a close eye on room conditions at any time. A sleek touchscreen offers easy control at any time of the day, simple enough for grandparents and child-minders to master from the off.


  • Benefits both baby and family

While your baby’s little lungs mean they can be super-sensitive to bacteria and allergens in the air, the whole family are also exposed to the same indoor air pollution. The Hygro+ benefits everyone in its path by reducing the risk of colds, coughs, nasal infections and irritations, asthma, bronchitis and dry skin.


  • Modern, stylish, nature-inspired aesthetic

The Hygro+ ‘plug and play’ function and ergonomic design will sit elegantly in any stylish nursery or modern home. Its subtle backlit touchscreen panel, exposed water tank and teardrop-shaped silhouette make this humidifier the ultimate nursery well-being wonder.


  • An adjustable steam output allows complete control

Hygro+ has 360⁰ flexibility in the direction of the steam output, as well as five different levels of steam flow. The cool mist is totally nursery-safe, and to top it off, baby’s sweet dreams will never be interrupted thanks to the noiseless Hygro+.


  • Soothing colour-changing night light

With seven soothing colours to choose from, a serene and reassuring environment is accessible at the click of a button to help baby settle to sleep.


  • Gentle essential oil diffuser

If you love subtle fragrances and sleep- inducing aromas, this is a handy optional extra for the nursery and home. Simply place one drop of essential oil and two drops of water into the compartment under the main funnel; it’s really that easy! Just make sure you clean out the oil cap after each use!


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