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Babybjorn Harmony Carrier Review

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With each generation of carrier, Babybjorn are dedicated to make a difference to families by constantly looking for new solutions with safety and quality in mind. Babybjorn has taken on board the needs of new parents with decades of feedback to work with, demonstrated in the new carrier; Harmony.

Incorporating a wide seat area and adjustable head support, the Harmony carrier is made of cool mesh with soft jersey details.  A waist belt, padded back support, and padded shoulder straps provides ultimate comfort for the baby-wearer too. 

The BabyBjorn Harmony Baby Carrier is a comfortable and versatile baby carrier, crafted with care in every detail and suitable to use with newborns (7 lbs/3.2 kg) and toddlers up to approximately 3 years (33 lbs/15 kg). 

baby carrier

Parent tester - Chloe Heslington

Arrived nicely packaged from Natural Baby Shower, box was very easy to open and then reuse to store the carrier in again. We opted for the navy which I was very pleased with, the light airy mesh material is very good quality. The instructions were very clear and the carrier was very easy to use, I was able to get my little boy in and out very easily on my own. 

babybjorn baby carrier

Our little boy is 10 weeks and he loves being close to me so he thoroughly enjoyed being in the carrier. This carrier is very comfortable to wear and the lightweight mesh allows you and your baby to stay cool. 

babybjorn carrier

Overall I would recommend this carrier to people if you want a good quality product that is easy to use and I feel this would be a carrier that you could store away and use again if you had another baby! It’s certainly what I am going to do when our little one grows out of it. 

Parent tester - Emily Hulme

As soon as I opened the box, I knew it was promising! The packaging was brilliant quality, and the carrier was shipped by Natural Baby Shower in a lovely little box, perfect for being able to store when not in use.

babybjorn mini carrier

The carrier itself is really stylish and looks nice on. The fabric is surprisingly lightweight which is great because it meant I didn’t feel too hot wearing it and didn’t worry about overheating my newborn on sunny days, the fabric is mesh so breathable and had really easy to use clip fastenings.

The carrier has multiple age/weight carrying options, we used the newborn position and I found it to be very supportive and it felt safe and secure. Also, the padded shoulder straps and waist band meant I could wear it for long periods without any aches or pains. I found the carrier to brilliant on days out with my 2-year-old daughter, because usually I’m unable to get involved and enjoy the day with my little girl as I’m stuck at the side with the pram.

baby carrier

The carrier enabled me to still be involved and even more so because the carrier was secure enough that I could be hands free confidently. I also found the carrier was lightweight and foldable so easy to just pop under the pram and bring with. Most importantly, my newborn loved it! He was super comfortable and content and enjoyed being able to look around. Overall, I found the carrier to be high quality and well worth it, definitely could not live without it now!

Parent tester - Elizabeth Rioka

Luna and I absolutely LOVE the BabyBjorn Harmony carrier! It is so difficult to find a carrier suitable for toddlers that is also suitable for plus sized users so to find a carrier that ticks both boxes is a huge bonus!

babybjorn baby carrier

I've been using this carrier with Luna during the huge heatwave we've been having recently, and I am pleased to say that the breathable material helped keep both of us cool. Luna loves being carried on my back, and I prefer this way of carrying her too as its far easier for me - almost like a Luna backpack! She loves being that little bit higher up to watch the world. The straps are very easy to figure out and very easy to adjust to the right size. Not once have I felt Luna wasn't secure or safe in this carrier in fact, she fell asleep on my back the other day!

I have an older daughter who is a wheelchair user and I was dreading the summer holidays as it would have meant being stuck indoors as I can't push two children at once, but this carrier has given all 3 of us the freedom to go out together, it's been a lifesaver! In fact, we have a trip planned to go see family further afield now we can venture out again.

babybjorn carrier

Parent tester - Eden Huntley

The packaging was nothing short of amazing Natural Baby Shower standard. The thank you card, the handwritten note and the eco friendly wrapping is really what sets natural baby shower apart from the rest! 

The BabyBjörn harmony carrier itself is just beautiful. We opted for the blue one and it’s such a gorgeous colour. The fabric is breathable which is great for walks on hot days! There is a super soft sponge pad which sits at the base of your back, which is something I’ve not seen on baby carriers before! It really helped spread the weight of my son, making it much more comfortable to carry him! 

babybjorn mini carrier

I also have a 3 year old daughter so being able to put my son in this carrier and have my hand free to push a pram is amazing. To anyone with two young children, a baby carrier is an absolute MUST! & I could not recommend the baby bjorn harmony enough. It is really difficult to find a carrier than is super comfortable for both parent and baby yet stylish as well! But the harmony carrier most definitely ticks both of them boxes. 

babybjorn carrier

Finally, my favourite thing about this carrier is how it makes me feel as a plus size mama. I am now a size 18 after having 2 babies in 18 months. Other carriers I have used made me feel really self conscious. Carriers I have used in the past have really emphasised my lumps and bumps.
Don’t get me wrong I love my mum tum, but I would be lying if I said it’s been difficult to adjust. Therefore, as a new Mum, during that adjustment period I didn’t enjoy how other carriers made me look and feel. However, the way the straps sit on the harmony carrier and the way it really evenly distributes the weight of your baby, I have got my confidence back. 

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