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Axkid Car Seats: The future is rear-facing

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Axkid is an award-winning Swedish car seat company with a passion for baby road safety. Since they began in 2009, Axkid has been manufacturing products that provide maximum safety for kids and peace of mind for parents, and they always recommend rear-facing travel for as long as possible.

They believe that improved standards and greater awareness saves lives, and they place an emphasis on the importance of training and communication around the benefits of rear-facing travel – for both parents and retailers. Whether you and your little one are out on a quick trip to the shops, or a long drive in the countryside, with Axkid you can be sure that they are secure, safe and comfortable, leaving you to focus entirely on the road and the destination.

Axkid car seat


Sweden is widely known as the safest country in the world when it comes to keeping children safe on the roads. The implementation of the most rigorous safety test, The Swedish Plus Test, and the use of rear-facing car seats earned Sweden this accolade.

Today, all Axkid rear-facing car seats are equipped with a premium harness and safety system from Swedish technology provider, Holmbergs. Axkid and Holmbergs have a long-time partnership based on their mutual dedication to quality. You can be sure that Axkid will never compromise or cut corners.

Before any products are released to the public, safety belt systems must pass rigorous testing and quality control measures. Holmbergs goes above and beyond the basic requirements of the various certifications earned during the testing stages.

Axkid uses a range of innovative and top-of-the range features that make their car seats the safest option for little passengers:

Dynamic headrest technology: The dynamic headrest technology ensures the headrest is always in the correct position for your child. The Axkid Minikid is the only car seat on the market that features an internal harness and headrest that adjust automatically according to your child’s height.

Easy installation: Over 50% of all car seats are – to some extent – installed incorrectly. This can have a direct effect on the crash safety of your child. Axkid always strive to make installation simple and safe to avoid misuse. Installation can be followed using the popular six step on-seat installation guide.

Side Impact Protection: Most collisions take place from the side or at an angle from the front, so it’s important that your child is well protected. The Axkid Side Impact Protection, ASIP, has been developed together with a recognised crash institute in Germany, to provide full protection in the event of a side collision.

Sliding seat technology: The Axkid ONE’s sliding seat technology is a unique and patented function only available on this model. The technology means that the seat is mounted on rails and can be adjusted back and forth with just one hand, providing your child with ample legroom and comfort. This allows your child to grow within the seat and remain rear-facing for as long as possible.

Axkid car seat

Why Rear-facing?

Children are up to five times safer in a rear-facing car seat than a forward-facing car seat. This means that in the unfortunate event of a collision, your child’s chances of survival or avoiding serious injuries is significantly increased if they are travelling rear-facing.

Your child’s head is disproportionate to the body and makes up to 25% of their total bodyweight. But their neck is extremely vulnerable as it is not yet full developed. The imbalance of the head and neck means that it is crucial to provide extra protection and support for the neck for as long as possible.  

Frontal crash tests prove that the forces acting on the neck are around five times greater when a child is facing forward. This is because, when a child is forward facing during an impact, their body is flung out of the car seat with only the belt keeping the body secure, but the head will still want to move forward. This results in the crash forces being transferred to the child’s neck, creating a huge amount of pressure and tension which could lead to serious injury.

A rear-facing car seat supports a child’s entire back, neck and head, and distributes crash forces evenly over a larger area, reducing the forces acting solely on the neck.

Although general guidelines say that children should ride rear-facing up to a minimum of four years old, Axkid’s mission is to encourage parents to keep their children riding rear-facing for as long as possible, up to an age of 6-7 for maximum safety and protection.

Myth busting

There are many myths floating around regarding rear-facing car seats, and social pressure can lead parents to believe that prioritising the safety of rear-facing travel is at the expense of their child’s comfort. The fact is that children who travel rear-facing are five times safer than those who travel forward-facing. Axkid is on a mission to bust these myths and share the truth about the power of rear-facing car seats.

The first myth is that it is uncomfortable for children to travel rear-facing. This is not true, as long as your child is in a suitable car seat for their size and weight, and it is adjusted accordingly, your child will have ample leg room. Axkid car seats also allow children to increase the legroom by readjusting the installation.

Another common misconception is that it is bad for children to travel with their legs bent. Children tend to bend and cross their legs naturally anyway, but in an Axkid rear-facing car seat, it is likely that your child will have more than enough space to have their legs stretched out anyway, at least for the first few years. It’s also worth noting that when driving for a long period of time, regardless of their leg position, it is advised that you stop often to take a break and allow the whole family to stretch their legs and get some fresh air.

Many parents are worried that their children will get carsick in a rear-facing seat, this is simply not true. When travelling by car, your brain must work hard to interpret the information telling it you are moving quickly and override that information to tell your body that you are still. When your brain fails to do this, you can start to feel motion sick. This happens regardless of the direction of travel, especially if you or your family are prone to it.

Finally, many people believe that children won’t be able to look around if they are riding rear-facing. Children who travel in a rear-facing car seat will have a greater field of vision, they can comfortably look out the side windows, and, because the design of rear-facing car seats are often higher up, they get a clear vision of the back window to watch the world go by.

Axkid car seat

Product Highlights

Here at Natural Baby Shower, we offer an impressive line-up of Axkid car seats, including the popular Axkid Move, One 2, Minikid 2, Minikid 3, and Modukid.

Each of the car seats in the Axkid collection offer one-of-a-kind features, such as removable covers and headrests for stress-free cleaning, and high backrests for enhanced support. Every car seat also comes with ASIP – Axkid Side Impact Protection.

NBS also offers a range of Axkid car accessories such as backseat mirrors, window sunshades and seat protectors.

We hope you are now better acquainted with Axkid and the amazing steps they take to take care of our children on the roads. A true passion for safety and enthusiasm for rear-facing travel makes Axkid car seats the perfect backseat companion that parents can rely on for many years.

If you’re ready to shop, check out our full range of Axkid car-seats and car accessories here.