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An Introduction to Trixie Baby and Why We Love Them

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Trixie Baby has been part of the natural baby shower family for a couple of years now, and we are still so in love with their adorable and cheeky animal-themed products.

From nursery and mealtime essentials to toys, clothing and backpacks, Trixie makes a variety of products that are loved by parents and babies around the world.

But not only do Trixie make high quality products that are loved by baby and parent, but they also care about the planet, and we continue to be inspired by their mission and dedication to sustainability.

In this blog, we’re going to tell you all about how and why Trixie began and share why they’re a brand that will always be close to our hearts.

About Trixie

As a brand, Trixie are fascinated and inspired by a child’s endless imagination. Their products are designed to feed creativity and create worlds where imagination can take flight.

One of the reasons why we love Trixie so much, is that their brand values and ethos aligns very much with our own at NBS. Everything they do stems from their three core values:

  • A warm nest from which imagination can take flight
  • Imagination and creativity cherish infinite play
  • Respect for the planet sustainability is key

Made with carefully selected colours and textures, their collections combine beautifully together and appeal to both the hearts of parents and children.

Every one of their products are designed to provide an enriching experience for the child, whatever their age. With fun patterns and cheeky characters, they can turn something as normal and everyday as mealtimes and bedtime into something magical and engaging.


Trixie believe that the world is their playground, and they want to make sure that children can enjoy it to the fullest for years to come. By making purposeful and responsible choices, Trixie are working to ensure a healthy and happy future for our children, and theirs after them.

Reflecting their sustainable approach, Trixie creates a durable range with long lasting and practical products. They strive to make timeless products that appeal to both parents and children and fulfil a clear need, so they can be sure to minimise waste.


By launching their products in a yearly cycle, instead of seasonal, they avoid stimulating the harmful consumption culture that so many brands fall into by bringing out new products every few months. They also consciously create with materials that easily stand the test of time and can be handed down to siblings and other family members.

Their good product management and smart purchase policy ensures that their order closely matches their market demand. This way, their production is optimised, resources are well managed and production lines are efficiently arranged.

Lastly, they have a clear focus on durability and sustainability in materials and packaging. They have managed to reduce packaging to a minimum and use as little material as possible. They package using compostable bags and have removed all plastic packaging.

Top products

Trixie has a broad range of products and collection, with an aim to fulfil all needs of babies and parents. Here at NBS, we have a variety of ranges from Nursery, Bags, Bedtime, Bathtime, Mealtime, Clothing and Toys.


Trixie’s popular mealtime range makes every meal fun and fuss free. Their tableware is all about creating joyful family moments with their adorable animal friends. With bibs, cups, bowls, bottles and more and inspired by the imagination of little ones, this collection is guaranteed to make the complete mealtime experience more enjoyable for both parent and child.

Made from fun animal characters like Mr Lion, Mrs Rabbit, Mrs Elephant and Mr Shark, you can find the set that appeals most to your little one’s interests. If your little one is an all-round animal lover like us, they can mix and match and collect all the different characters.

Every product in this range is made from durable and safe materials, including 100% foodgrade silicone. This also ensures they are unbreakable, shape retaining and last a long time.

 The Trixie Silicone range in Mrs Cat includes a suction bowl and a divided suction plate. It does a lot more than just looking cute and cuddly! The suction means that the plate and bowl will stick to the surface to avoid messes. And don’t worry, there are plenty more new animal friends to explore, like Mr Fox and Mr Dino.


The adorable Trixie baby backpacks are designed for curious little ones who love to have adventures. Trixie backpacks are perfect for carrying all their essentials and are so cute and fun that your child will love taking them everywhere they go. These handy backpacks make perfect school bags and are guaranteed to make every school day memorable.

The backpacks come in small, regular and large, and are made with easy zippers, adjustable straps and handy bottle holders, perfect for keeping their leakproof Trixie drinking bottle safe and sound.

With the classic animals to choose from like Mr Fox and Mrs Rabbit, you can also get a matching lunch bag to complete their school set.

One of our favourites is the Trixie Small Backpack in Mr Dino. Both practical and adorable with adjustable and padded shoulder straps, this bag is comfortable and easy to carry around.

We are so proud to work with such a wonderful brand like Trixie whose ethos aligns so closely with our own goals and values. When you shop with Trixie, you can rest assured that you are investing in your child’s future, by making the world just that little bit greener.

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