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An interview with Jeremy Scott

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We're talking to American fashion designer JEREMY SCOTT about his second collaboration with CYBEX. He is the Creative Director of Moschino and has dressed superstars such as Rihanna, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus as well as launching a renowned collaboration with sportswear label, ADIDAS. He creates works of art that are visually extravagant and also functional.

Find out how Jeremy Scott brings high fashion to parents with the alluring 'Wings by Jeremy Scott' collection...

An interview with Jeremy Scott


Pop-art meets whimsical ideas. We love this collaboration + the tagline could not have been chosen more adequately ...

Your work for CYBEX is child-friendly but not childlike, how do you walk the line?
I think »whimsical« is a great adjective to describe my design as it captures your imagination, always with sprinkles of the unexpected!

Do you adopt an alternative mindset when working for children?
Honestly, I approach each design the same way: how can I make it better? How can I make it unique? How can I make it visually clear that it comes from me?

Has the discipline of designing in the children sector had any influence on your fashion work?
The influence has been in the other direction — I have tried to bring my high fashion designs into a world that is for a child.

Your last collection for CYBEX was a circus tent of colour, this one is black and gold. What is the direction?
I wanted to show a contrast from the colourful and graphic first season stroller set and pull ideas from a different part of my design vocabulary. This time I decided to do a rendition of my iconic wings in gold. The wings have a soft deco feel, and curve as well as volume, which make them look almost plush. I felt the perfect way for these wings to shine was to pair them with black — and just let all the details in the stroller, like the spokes of the wheels, go gold, so the gold can really sing!

Jeremy Scott X Cybex collaboration

Wings feature in a lot of your work, including the critically-acclaimed Adidas by Jeremy Scott collection. What was your original inspiration for the wings?
I’ve done wings in so many variations over so many years. From the very start of my collections there have been wing-like elements, from dresses and bustiers to jeans and, of course, my wing shoes. Freedom is what I express most: the wings are the ultimate expression that anything and everything is possible!

What is it about your wings that have caught the popular imagination?

I would say it is because they are whimsical and unexpected at the same time — an iconic element of our consciousness.

Jeremy Scott X Cybex collaboration

You have used the slogan »Adults Suck Then You Are One« for your adult collections. Tell us more about your idea here.
It’s a famous quote from the Great American Philosopher: Bart Simpson.

Your strollers and baby carriers are a beautiful matte black with shiny gold details. What would be a perfectly matching outfit for the parent?
All black everything — with gold jewellery!

What product would you most like to design, perhaps in partnership with CYBEX?
A robot stork that really does fly, carrying your baby to you just like in the olden-day cartoons.

What advice do you give to new parents to keep their style as they juggle careers, relationships and parenthood?
»Wipe and wear« is a way for people to stay stylish with babies.

CYBEX founder Martin Pos has built the company into a world leader in just ten years, how does his kind of energy move you?
Martin’s enthusiasm and passion for creating the best, most stylish and coolest products are, for sure, the reasons I chose to work with CYBEX again.

Jermey Scott X Cybex collaboration