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A guide to summer babywearing

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The everlasting heatwave is in full swing and with no signs of the sun putting his hat on, we bring you some of the best carriers to help you and baby stay cool in the heat.

The most important thing to keep in mind is always safety, of course. Babies are sensitive to temperature extremes and cannot regulate their temperatures well. But with that said, babywearing can actually help develop littles ones thermoregulation. It’s also an excellent way to connect with your baby and keep them calm while you go about your day. So, can you – or should you – babywear when the temperatures soar? The simple answer is yes, and here’s why.

  • Choose the right carry position - Choose your position with the weather in mind. Back and hip carry positions feel cooler in the hot weather, so try one of these if your baby is old enough.
  • Shield from the sun - Even when wearing the perfect carrier for the hot weather, it is always a good idea to keep out of direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Use hats and/or sunscreen - A hat that covers baby’s head, face and neck is a summer essential. And if your baby is over six months, pair with a suitable sun cream.
  • Spritz yourself and baby - The occasional cold spritz of water or dabbing of a cool damp flannel or muslin will sure help to keep you both cool.
  • Watch for overheating - The best way to check (without a thermometer) is to pop a couple of fingers down the back of their neck – they should feel warm and comfortable not sweaty and clammy. Plus, babies that are too hot often fuss or get agitated more easily.
  • Stay hydrated - Make sure that you and your baby drink enough water, milk or formula to stay fully hydrated… and if you are breast feeding, keep in mind that you need to drink even more water than usual.
  • Take a break - If you or baby get uncomfortable, take the carrier off and cool down in a shady nook or air-conditioned spot.

So what options are there that will help you stay safe while babywearing in the heat?

Option 1: BabyBjorn One Air Baby Carrier

BabyBjorn carrier

The One Air carrier is designed to make babywearing significantly cooler for you and baby. It’s made almost entirely from an airy 3D mesh that helps to cool the places most prone to perspiration. Plus, mesh fabric is softer and more lightweight than many other materials and dries rapidly.

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Option 2: Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Carrier

ergobaby baby carrier

The Cool Air Mesh is a ventilated carrier that is perfectly suited to active lifestyles and warm weather locales. The 3D air mesh panels keeps parent and baby cooler as it allows for more airflow through the carrier. It also has 4 comfy carrying positions and UPF 50+ baby hood for sun protection.

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Option 3: Beco Gemini Cool Carrier

Beco baby carrier

The Gemini Cool is made entirely of performance fabrics, including a cool 3D mesh back panel that keeps your baby from getting too warm. Featuring a supportive waistband and wide padded shoulder straps, it’s the perfect for carrier for breathable comfort during those summer adventures.

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Option 4: Izmi Breeze Carrier

Izmi baby carrier

Little ones can enjoy the soft intimacy of a fabric sling, with the support and comfort of a buckled carrier. The soft fabric hugs baby’s shape bringing them the very best in comfort. And for you that means lots of ergonomic support without any bulk. The extra-breathable mesh panel increases ventilation, making carrying a breeze. 

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Option 5: Close Caboo Lite Carrier 

Close baby carrier

With its soft, supportive and light fabric, the Caboo Lite is incredibly comfortable and cool to wear. It’s so easy to use too, with no tying or buckles! The soft wider straps and stretch binding helps distribute your baby’s weight evenly and provides excellent head and neck support for baby.

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Happy (summer) babywearing!

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