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20 Years of TotsBots

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April 2021 officially marks 20 years of TotsBots and we couldn’t resist getting involved in the celebrations. TotsBots have been part of the NBS family from the very beginning and were one of the very first brands we stocked. TotsBots will always hold a very special place in our story, so let’s take a closer look at how their own story began and their journey over the last 20 years.

20 years of TotsBots 

Started from the kitchen table

TotsBots started in 2001 from a husband and wife dream team wanting to help the environment. Magnus and Fiona Smyth – the force behind the TotsBots brand, have built the business literally from the kitchen table up! They developed their original reusable nappy prototype 20 years ago, shortly after the birth of their second child Maia.

Having used disposable nappies with their first child, they understood the convenience, but when their second child was born they knew they didn’t want to go down that route again. They wanted to do it differently this time and use reusable nappies to help protect the environment, but also help to save them money. However, research into the reusable nappy market showed them that their wasn’t much selection and options available. So, they decided to do it themselves! armed only with an old towel and a sewing machine, Fiona took to the kitchen table and began to design the first TotsBots reusable nappy.

20 years of TotsBots 

In popular demand

The original TotsBots nappies were made from simple cotton towelling. Once her design was finalised, she took the bold step of ordering a 50m roll of towelling and set to work developing prototypes to be tested by friends and family. Overwhelmed by the response, TotsBots was born and the first retail orders were taken. The business picked up pace and it wasn’t long before Magnus gave up his job to help-out and the kitchen was quite literally full of fluff. 

Revolutionised the industry

They continued to develop, test and research into new and exciting reusable nappy alternatives. In 2003, TotsBots revolutionised the industry by developing an eco-friendly and ultra-performing reusable nappy, made from one of the most sustainable plants, bamboo. The ‘Bamboozle’ was the first ever reusable nappy to win the Mother and Baby Gold Award. It has gone through a few facelifts since then, but it is still one of TotsBots best-selling nappies to date.

20 years of TotsBots 

A world first

In 2019 TotsBots proved that they just keep innovating and getting better and better. They were the first company in the world to make reusable nappies out of old plastic bottles! All their waterproof fabric is now made from recycled plastic meaning customers will be diverting 2 plastic bottles from going to landfill with every TotsBots nappy. They are turning waste into something wonderful. Read more here.

20 years of TotsBots

20 years of helping the planet

Fast forward 20 years, what started from a simple idea at a kitchen table has grown substantially to the number 1 reusable nappy company in the UK, and is now sold in over 30 countries worldwide. TotsBots have grown their product portfolio to offer parents the best reusable nappy options and consistently bring out new and updated products; the EasyFit STAR, the PeeNut System and the TeenyFit STAR and Swim Nappies to name a few! All their revolutionary nappies are made using recycled plastic bottles and sustainable bamboo fabrics. Plus all their nappies are covered by their OEKO-TEX 100 certificate. 

Ethically made in the UK

Still a family run business, TotsBots are proud to be British and want to ensure they keep everything close to home. They are proud to make every nappy right here in the UK in their factory in the East End of Glasgow, providing jobs for 75 local people. TotsBots are immensely proud that all their nappies are made in the UK by a bunch of very talented people who are committed to bringing you the most cutting edge cloth nappies in terms of fabric, design and performance.

 20 years of TotsBots

The environmental impact

20 years ago the concept of reusable nappies wasn’t considered mainstream and was a priority for the minority. However, over recent years consumers are becoming more and more environmentally aware and conscious. Families are now much more focused on doing their bit for the planet and making eco-friendly choices. TotsBots have been at the forefront of this movement for over 20 years and offer eco-conscious parents the perfect nappy solutions. 

TotsBots in partnership with Natural Baby Shower

Natural Baby Shower was started 13 years ago in a very similar way to TotsBots. From one Mum’s passion for the environment and wanting to offer families simple and easy planet friendly parenting solutions, Victoria Hampson created Natural Baby Shower from her kitchen table. She went on the hunt for the best eco friendly and sustainable parent and baby products that she could find to offer parents planet friendly alternatives. With this mission, she came across TotsBots. The two companies objective, values and ethos were so aligned it was a no brainer that they had to work together.

TotsBots was one of the very first brands that Natural Baby Shower stocked over 13 years ago. Together they have both grown side by side and developed a valuable partnership through their mutual goal of helping protect the planet by offering sustainable alternatives to parents.

 20 years of TotsBots

We are so proud to have supported TotsBots on their journey and want to say a big Happy 20th Birthday!!

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