The Little Green Sheep - Natural Crib Mattress - BabyBay-Mattresses-Default- Natural Baby Shower
The Little Green Sheep - Natural Crib Mattress - BabyBay-Mattresses-Default- Natural Baby Shower
The Little Green Sheep - Natural Crib Mattress - BabyBay-Mattresses-Default- Natural Baby Shower
The Little Green Sheep - Natural Crib Mattress - BabyBay-Mattresses-Default- Natural Baby Shower

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The Little Green Sheep - Natural Crib Mattress - BabyBay


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About Me

This Natural Coir Crib Mattress is handmade and is 100% chemical-free. The coconut coir bound with a pure, natural latex (sap from the Hevea tree) which provides a comfy, firm support that is recommended for newborn babies and is suitable for up to 12 months. The natural coir provides long-lasting shape and support.


  • Made from coconut coir, natural fleece wool and natural cotton
  • Naturally anti-dust mite and chemical free
  • Natural coir used for long-lasting shape and support
  • Coconut coir acts like thousands of tiny springs distributing baby's weight
  • Water resistant but not waterproof
  • A medium-firm support
  • Measurements: 81 x 42 x D5cm


  • We recommend a breathable Waterproof Mattress Protector to create an anti-dust mite layer and protect your baby's mattress from any wetness.
  • Hoovering your mattress can help reduce the risk of dust mites
  • If the mattress is soiled, lightly sponge the cover with a mild detergent and air until dry

Why Choose this Mattress?

This natural crib mattress offers and contains no chemicals, for a natural, safe sleeping environment for your baby. It’s handmade and naturally anti-dust mite.

Suitability & Fit

  • Handmade to fit the BabyBay crib
  • 81x42x5cm
  • Ensure that your crib mattress is a good fit and that the gap between the mattress and basket does not exceed 2cm
  • From newborn to 12 months

What goes into a Natural crib mattress?
Coconut coir
- Coconut fibres from the husk of coconuts that are bound with natural latex (sap from the Hevea tree); giving each crib mattress a long-lasting, comfy support for your baby whilst reducing the risk of dipping.

Natural fleece wool - Breathable wool layers help the mattress to breathe easily, naturally dispersing moisture for a clean and dry environment that reduces the risk of dust mites and bacterial growth. As a natural fire retardant, using wool means that there is no need for any fire proofing chemicals, and each crib mattress passes UK fire regulations naturally.

Unbleached cotton - A luxurious, non-removable and durable Herringbone cotton cover holds everything in place whilst ensuring that the mattress is still breathable. The cotton used has not been has not been treated with any bleaches, dyes or pesticides.

5 Year Guarantee:

What does the guarantee cover?
The guarantee covers ANY manufacturing defect on all cot and cot bed mattresses, over a 5 year period from the date of delivery.

What does it exclude?
We operate a fair use policy; this is to ensure the mattress has been used as intended and not miss-treated in any way. The mattress should always be used with a mattress protector, turned once every 3 months and kept clean and dry.
As such, if the mattress is returned and shows signs of abuse or the product being misused then the guarantee will be void. Signs of misuse include, but are not restricted to, water marks, excessive 'dipping' or 'ribbing' caused by non-turning of the mattress, staining and/or ripped outer covers.

What other conditions apply to the Guarantee?

  • Any claims under the 5 year guarantee must be made within 5 years from the date of delivery.
  • The mattress cannot be used for children over 5 years old. (The 5 year guarantee is based on it being used from birth.)
  • The mattress cannot be used for twins that co-sleep.


Barcode ean: 5060157940517Boxed weight: 2500 g

The Brand

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The Little Green Sheep create beautiful sleep products for little ones. They believe the world of parenting is complex enough, so they have made simple and natural products to ensure parents have total peace of mind for years to come.

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