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Shop this collection of Positioners & pods, a nurturing environment to provide comfort and support for your little one's journey. Boasting a softly cushioned microclimate, you'll be able to keep your baby soothed with delicate lullabies and cradle them in gentle support. With its form-fitting design, every Positioner & Pod offers optimum support to help establish strong muscle development and ease them into a relaxing sleep.
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    Positioners | Pods FAQs

    Despite many models designed for use up to 8 months, due to positioning concerns, if your little one can independently roll over from back to belly you should stop using this product immediately.

    The Lullaby Trust recommends items such as cushioned sleeping pods, nests, pillows, and anything that wedges or straps a baby in place can pose a risk to babies under 12 months. Only The Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed has 2 UK accreditation certificates deeming it safe as long as it's a flat, firm and stable surface.

    Only the Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed has been certified safe for overnight and unsupervised sleeping.

    We do not recommend that any other baby nests and pods are used for unsupervised or overnight sleeping.

    Most baby nests or pods should feature a removable cover or be fully washable. Covers can be machine washable and if each element is washable, refer to more detailed instructions on the label or instruction manual. Typically they can be washed sparingly with cold water, mild detergent and with a gentle agitation.

    Never use a secondhand baby nest + pod as they must be kept clean and bedding regularly washed. This is to prevent mattresses harbouring bacteria that have been linked to illnesses that may increase the risk of SIDS.

    As long as you do not use any other bedding or covers with your baby nests or pods, they are safe for supervised lounging as there is no scientific evidence of an overheating risk from side bumper use. Ensure however, that your baby’s room is the right temperature (16-20°C) and if you’re using a sleeping bag, it is the correct tog/thickness.