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    Bedding FAQs

    When setting up a cosy and safe sleep environment for your newborn baby, it’s important to keep the crip bare and you should not use any pillows, flat sheets or
    duvets, the mattress should also be firm. This will help keep your baby safe and reduce the risk of SIDS.

    You should keep your baby’s head uncovered, and if using a light blanket, it should be tucked in below their shoulders.

    You should place your baby at the bottom of the crib or basket so they can’t wriggle down and get under the blanket.

    You could also think about using a swaddle to keep your baby safe and secure while they sleep.

    A cot bumper is a soft fabric pad that ties up to the inside of your cot or crib. They claim to prevent babies from hitting their heads or getting stuck in
    between the slats, however, experts say that certain crib bumpers are a hazard and can increase the risk of SIDS.

    Babies should be placed on a firm mattress with just a fitted sheet. You can use a lightweight blanket tucked tightly below your baby’s shoulders to prevent the
    blanket from moving above their head, you could also use a swaddle.

    You should not use pillows, duvets or comforters as they are not safe and can increase the risk of SIDS.

    On average, it’s best to change and wash your baby’s bedding at least once a week. There may not be any visible stains or messes, but dust and dirt can collect
    and irritate your baby’s gentle skin.

    It is recommended that parents buy at least 2-4 fitted sheets and bedding options so that they have plenty of spares in case of accidents or while one set is
    in the wash.

    Yes! Fitted sheets are the safest bedding option for babies and are the recommended bedding choice. A fitted sheet on a firm mattress creates the ideal sleeping environment for your baby.