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Our trusted baby home safety & monitors collection has been curated to provide you with the reassurance that your little one is kept safe and secure. Whether they're snoozing or stirring, our array of sophisticated monitors ensures you have the best view when checking their well-being. With stairgates, corner protectors and a variety of accessories to baby-proof your home too, you'll be provided with the reassurance that your little one is protected.
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    Safety | Monitors FAQs

    You can buy baby safety gates from various retailers both online and offline. We stock baby gates here at Natural Baby Shower, and we offer a variety of different options to suit different needs. 

    Removing baby safety locks typically depends on the type of lock you're dealing with. Here are general steps for removing common types of baby safety locks:

    • Adhesive Locks: Press the release button or tab while gently pulling the lock away. Clean off any adhesive residue afterward.
    • Magnetic Locks: Hold the magnetic key against the lock and twist or pull to disengage it.
    • Sliding Locks: Press or slide the release button or tab while pulling the lock away. Remove any screws if present.
    • Strap Locks: Press or pull the release button or tab while pulling the strap away. Peel off any adhesive and clean the surface.

    There are many different things you can do to test the safety of your baby products, here are just a few we would recommend:

    • Read Reviews: Look for trustworthy reviews noting safety concerns.
    • Check for Recalls: Visit consumer safety websites to see if the product has been recalled.
    • Research Manufacturer: Choose products from reputable companies known for safety.
    • Look for Certification: Ensure the product meets recognized safety standards.
    • Inspect for Quality: Check for signs of poor construction or hazards.
    • Follow Recommendations: Use products suitable for your baby's age and weight.
    • Review Safety Features: Check for secure fastenings and non-toxic materials.
    • Read Instructions: Follow manufacturer's guidelines for proper use.
    • Test Product: If possible, test in-store or borrow before buying for safety and usability.