Babiators Original Sunglasses

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    Babiators award-winning, original style sunglasses offer 100% UV protection with flexible + durable frames. Available in Navigator, Keyhole, Hearts, Flowers, Cat-Eye + Euro Round.

    All Babiators sunglasses come with an awesome 1 year guarantee against breakage and loss.

    47 products

    Babiators Original Sunglasses FAQs

    It is recommended for babies to start wearing sunglasses at 6 months of age. Before this they should be kept out of the sun as much as possible. Keep the sun shade down on your pushchair and ensure your little one wears a sun hat.

    Their eyes let more UV radiation in than those of an adult. Childrens eyes are still maturing and therefore need to be protected from harmful UV rays.

    • Give them the chance to get used to wearing them at home or in your garden. Babiators are made to withstand little fingers and their need to explore so let them get used to the concept of sunglasses before putting them on.
    • Wear sunglasses yourself, kids love to copy. Especially toddlers.
    • Check out the fabric straps in our accessories section to stop babies throwing their sunglasses.

    People tend to opt for larger frames for sunglasses than they do with traditional glasses. This is because they offer more coverage and whilst they’re a necessity they can also be used as an accessory.

    Pick a frame that they will enjoy wearing. If they like their sunglasses they’re much more likely to keep them on.

    All of Babiators sunglasses are made with longevity in mind. The durable material allows them to be bent and withstand children's love for playing, regardless of frame shape.

    Our sunglasses are available in sizes 0-2 years, 3-5 years, and 6 years + meaning you can find the perfect fit for your little one. If your child is between sizes we recommend sizing up. You can find specific measurements on each product page.

    Yes! Our sunglasses are made from comfortable durable materials. If your child shows signs of discomfort you may need to size up.