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Wrap their bots in cloth this Real Nappy Week!

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Have you ever wondered about cloth nappies but didn't know where to begin? In celebration of Real Nappy Week 2018, we've joined forces with TotsBots to tell you all you need to know about our award-winning brand and why we love them. Thank you TotsBots!¬†ūü§ó

Wrap their bots in cloth this Real Nappy Week!

TotsBots reusable cloth nappies are as easy to use as a disposable nappy, whilst saving money and the environment! The extensive TotsBots range includes different size and style nappies; EasyFit, PeeNut, TeenyFit, Bamboozle Stretch, Swim Tots, Training Pants, PeeNut Wrap, multi-packs and accessories. All TotsBots nappies feature adorable designs and bright colours, making baby look stylish and comfy at the same time!

5 reasons to choose TotsBots

1. Easy on your wallet

Did you know parents in the UK are spending upwards of half a billion pounds every year on disposable nappies! TotsBots estimate you can save up to £750 compared to the cost of using throwaway nappies and lots of local councils offer cashback incentives for parents who decide to use cloth! Check out if your local council have an incentive scheme to help towards the upfront cost of buying cloth - scroll down to find out more! 

2. Easy on you

Cloth nappies have zoomed into the 21st century with hook and loop fastenings (just like disposables!), leak-proof seams, a super absorbent core as well as a soft, snug fit. 

Washing? TotsBots have got it covered. After storing your used nappies inside a lockable, smell-proof bucket lined with a mesh bag; simply remove the bag and pop it into your machine, nappies and all. Wash with non-bio powder at 60 degrees or less and you can even wash in with other washing. It’s as easy as that!


3. Easy on baby

High performing, breathable and natural fabrics next to your bubba‚Äôs beautiful bottom, TotsBots nappies are the only reusable nappy brand to be Oekotex 100 certified ‚Äď meaning there are absolutely no harmful chemicals used in the entire manufacturing process, from start to finish!¬†Using cloth can help reduce nappy rash, eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions and can in many cases encourage early potty-training.¬†

4. Easy on the environment 

Did you know by using cloth nappies you will divert in the region of 4000 indisposable nappies from landfill - nappies that will still be around 500 years from now! By giving cloth a go you could half your weekly rubbish and your carbon footprint could be up to 40% smaller. 

Wrap their bots in cloth this Real Nappy Week!

5. Easy to use 

But what do mums think? 

"I found TotsBots to be the best in terms of absorbency, and also fun prints! (Kaleidoscope is our fave!) I love that you can change the absorbency using the pads, and love that I'm doing my bit for the environment." - Kerry Bain 

"I'm now a complete convert and recommend them to everyone! I've stuck with TotsBots because I know they work, they never ever leak, oh and I love all the prints so much!" - Gemma and Cole 

"I decided I wanted to use cloth nappies as I don't like the thought of disposables on a landfill and wanted something that was more eco-friendly. Also, as a first time mum of twins, I needed something that would save me money in the long run. I did lots of research into cloth nappies and found out from reviews and other mums that TotsBots came highly recommended. They fit my boy perfectly and are as absorbent and stay as dry as any disposable." - Rosie Chapman

Need a little more understanding? 

If you feel like you still don't get it, TotsBots have put together a range of very informative little videos on exactly how to use their range of cloth nappies. 



What do I do with the poo?

There is no avoiding the poo whether you use disposable or reusable nappies... The good news is you’ll soon get used to it! To easily get rid of the poo from the nappy just use a simple little nappy liner. Before putting the nappy on, pop a liner into the nappy and when change time comes around just lift the liner out of the nappy and flush (or compost if you prefer). 

Can I use them from birth? 

Yes! For early or teeny babies you can use the Teenyfits, the size 1 PeeNut or size 1 Bamboozle Stretch. For average sized babies 8lbs plus go straight into the Easyfits, size 2 PeeNuts or the size 2 Bamboozle Stretch.

How many will I need? 

You will need 20 All in One nappies if you plan to wash daily, 25 if you want to wash every second day. If you use a two-part system like the Bamboozle, in addition to your 20/25 nappies you will need 4 waterproof wraps to use over the top. These come in size 1 and size 2.

How often will I need to change the nappies? 

As often as you would have to change a disposable. Newborn babies tend to poo pretty frequently especially if they are breastfed and they can need their nappy changed around 8-10 times per day. Once babies get to 8 weeks or so they usually drop to needing changed around 5 times a day thankfully!

Try it for yourself...

Totsbots nappy voucher scheme

 ...and is your baby under 18 months? If the answer is yes, you can apply for a free Real Nappy voucher, redeemable on all washable nappies. Have you seen our money-saving RNFL Kits, exclusively bundled for Natural Baby Shower, allowing you to spend your voucher most effectively. 

Simply apply here.

Your voucher is only valid against cloth nappies and nappy accessories purchases (excludes clothing, toiletries, swim nappies, eco-disposables etc.). To use your voucher, follow the steps below:

  • Head to our website, select and add to your cart all your required purchases
  • In the voucher code box enter the name of the Borough from your voucher
  • The correct discount will then be applied against valid purchases
  • Orders may total more than the voucher & additional balance paid at checkout
  • If the purchase is less than the value, the voucher may not be used again & no change will be given
  • The voucher may only be redeemed against goods and not postage costs.

Once your order has been placed please email your voucher to