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Why we love working at Natural Baby Shower

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Natural Baby Shower is all about family; being there for families with advice, expert knowledge, the best and safest products for family life and supporting families throughout their whole parenting journey. But we couldn’t be there for all those families if it wasn’t for our very own NBS family working behind the scenes making it all possible.

Why we love working at Natural Baby Shower

The Natural Baby Shower family is full of talented, passionate and creative individuals who share the same vision of helping to bring families the best products for families and helping to protect the planet along the way too.

What started as a small business run from a kitchen table powered by one Mum's passion for parenting and the environment, has grown into a leading highstreet and online independent nursery retailer - loved and trusted by families around the world. We’ve also got a number of awards too, not that we like to brag! But what is it actually like to work at Natural Baby Shower?

What do you love most about working at Natural Baby Shower?

Poppy Linehan - Social Media Content Creator

"I have been working for Natural Baby Shower for nearly 2 months now and it truly has been the best experience so far, every member of the team has made me feel so welcome and valued. I really love the team, the atmosphere and everything NBS stands for, they truly are a wonderful company to work for. I have never felt so happy and appreciated in a role before!"

Why we love working at NBS

Amy Blanchard - Creative Brand Manager

“As a creative, all you ever want to do is share and bring your ideas to life and that is SO encouraged at NBS. It's such an amazing feeling being able to make such a direct difference to the brand. I get to work with the most creative team that are just bursting with ideas all the time. We take personal ownership of our own projects but also work really closely as a team. You do feel like you are part of one big family and although we're growing on a monumental scale all the time, it still has that connected family run feel."

Why we love working at NBS

Jack Taylor - Purchasing Team

“I think working in an environment where you're surrounded by other individuals who are all talented and trying to achieve better results than they did the previous day spurs you on to do the same - and that's the kind of people NBS attracts. We're constantly pushing ourselves to find new solutions, content and experiences in every department and it keeps things interesting everyday!”

 Why we love working at Natural Baby Shower

Katie Odedra – Purchasing Team

I love working at NBS as it is a real collaborative environment, every department works together to achieve the end goal of getting great product for our customers, everyone in the business can make a real impact by sharing their ideas.
As the business is so rapidly expanding there is always new things to learn, new product to look at and new brands being taken on. This makes it an exciting place to work and never boring, you get to see day by day how the business you are a part of is always evolving!

Why we love working at Natural Baby Shower

Tom Pert - E-Commerce Team

"Since joining NBS last year I've not stopped learning and developing within my role. The management and leadership within the company is second-to-none and everybody I've worked alongside has been extremely friendly, approachable and helpful. I really enjoy the working environment at NBS, especially because there's never a dull moment and always something to focus on."

Why we love working at Natural Baby Shower

Joni Bayliss - Merchandising Team

"I enjoy working for NBS because of the ethos & care that goes into choosing the products we offer our customers.  Our friendly team is constantly growing & becoming stronger with lots of exciting adventures ahead."

Why we love working at Natural Baby Shower

Nina Davey - Marketing Team

“I love working at NBS because we are home to so many different brands, and always bringing new ones into the mix! I enjoy working with influencers who champion our ethos and love our products, as well as engaging with customers on our social media platforms - plus seeing lots of cute baby pics!
Getting creative and sharing ideas with the rest of the NBS family makes every day different - I’m excited to see what the future holds for Natural Baby Shower!”

Why we love working at Natural Baby Shower

Amber Webb - Customer Service

"NBS focus on hiring not only the best for the business but on building a team of like minded individuals that in turn creates a real family culture. My team are not only my colleagues but my deer friends (two of which I live with) and it makes for a fantastic, positive working environment."

Why we love working at Natural Baby Shower

Grace Loomes - Digital Designer

"I LOVE working at NBS. I love the creative freedom and working with such a lovely team - I've had such a warm welcome since joining. I also love that we are able to work both independently and collectively with Vics and Clifton. They are always open to hearing our ideas and being able to directly share our work with them is a real bonus!"


Courtney Priest - Designer

"I have enjoyed every single day since starting at NBS. Every member of the team is so lovely and always there to help. The working environment is great and the brand values are really important to me. As a designer it’s such a great feeling seeing your ideas come to life, and I love how this is encouraged across projects within the company. I am really proud to be a part of the NBS family."


Want to join the team? We are always on the hunt for passionate, creative and ambitious individuals to join the team and help Natural Baby Shower continue its amazing growth.

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